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  1. TheRealBOSSASH

    An angry sun

    This took about 5 minutes but I like it : )
  2. TheRealBOSSASH

    Sing along!

    Finish the song lyrics one sentence at a time. Start: Old Godzilla was hopping around
  3. TheRealBOSSASH

    Submit Pfp suggestions and I might use them!

    You see the title so you know what to do. This will end in one week.
  4. TheRealBOSSASH

    What is dragcave?

    I've seen this everywhere and still don't know what the hell it is.
  5. TheRealBOSSASH

    Sky Forests

    I feel like there should be sky forests because we got sky lakes and houses but not forests. They would have a locked forest chest which after beating WoF it unlocks.
  6. TheRealBOSSASH

    PC AnimeBossAsh's Infinite Item Shop

    Hello and welcome to AnimeBossAsh's Infinite Item Shop! Here you can buy and trade items that I have. You can also trade with other people in the thread.
  7. TheRealBOSSASH

    Re-Logic read this plz!

    PlZ aDd LiZaRd EgG fOr PeT lIzArD!
  8. TheRealBOSSASH

    PC Need friends for steam

    Hello fellow terrarians! I'm posting this because I'm asking for some friends on steam! Put your steam username in a post if you what to be my friend!
  9. TheRealBOSSASH


    Any time I try to play terraria it kicks me out. :(
  10. TheRealBOSSASH

    Ask a bearded dragon anything!

    Hello fellow humans! I'm a bearded dragon that can talk so you can ask me anything!
  11. TheRealBOSSASH

    Need programmer!

    If you are a programmer comment if you want to help on the mod!
  12. TheRealBOSSASH

    I need help making a mod!

    First 10 people to respond get to make a dev set! Plz?
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