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  1. Wisp

    Ask a butthole

    Hey, I'm TaDa, many of you know me as wisp, I'm an overall butthole and butthurt person, so, go ahead! Ask me stuff! I'll answer ASAP
  2. Wisp

    Minimap is disabling itself?

    This is something that has bothered me for a while, whenever I enable the minimap, then join a world, the minimap won't appear, then I go back to settings, & it says minimap disabled. Any help?
  3. Wisp

    Placing Spell Books

    First of all, Wut? Why can't I place Spell books? This is especially whack with Water Bolt as it is FOUND placed. "But Wisp, left-clicking makes you use the weapon " So? just change the key for placing spell books. For Spell Books, if you right click on the shelf, the books would be...
  4. Wisp

    WIP More Consumable Ranged Weapons

    Cocktails, Shurikens, Throwing Knives, Spiky Balls you name it. I always loved these consumables due to the fact of how useful they could be when used correctly. However, once you get into hardmode, They're pretty much gone, there is not a single Hardmode consumable weapon I can think of. Thats...
  5. Wisp

    Pixel Art Wisp's Spriting Wonder(ish)

    Hello all! Welcome to my Average Wispy Spriting Thread! For now there is very little here because I wont be porting over past sprites. Also, note I only do sprites I feel like doing, if I'm not interested, I won't do it. Magic: Melee: Ranged: Misc: Tools: Other:
  6. Wisp

    Things to tell your teachers when you didn't finish your Home work

    Just a fun list of Things to tell your teachers when you didn't finish your Home work. (This thread is for fun, you should always do your HW and get good grades) I'll start, Student: Teacher, would you ever punish me for something i didn't do? Teacher: Why of course not Student: Good, because...
  7. Wisp

    Wisp's Suggestions and Ideas

    Because Ka- Nvm, Baconfry did this to avoid sig limit, so I will too. :) Stormfury, The starfury's succesor and More! -The Ultimate upgrade to the Starfury -My most prized thread Pepper Spray -Pre-HM flamethrower -Burden to Demon eyes Change to Celestial Acessories -Makes Celestial...
  8. Wisp

    More Rune Content

    *Cough Cough* hello ladie- *cough cough* hello ladie- oh, are we on already?!- Hello ladies and gentlemen! nailed it! Today I have an idea for a species, one we find useless, one that needs an more content. Runes. The first time you find a rune, you jump w/ joy at that sick vanity. but after...
  9. Wisp

    More Burst Weapons

    Ranged Weapons are awesome, they have these huge families and lots of different families, so you can always choose what you like best. Have an example- Bows & Repeaters: Rocket: Rapid Fire: Pew Pew Weapons: And theres many more, That was just a few of the classes, but that...
  10. Wisp

    The Kasai

    WARNING: contains beautiful sprites from molos elethros and yaster goodman that will make you want to give someone a hug. ----------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- The Kasai Beautiful Sprites: Damage: 55 Use Time: 11...
  11. Wisp

    Blood Orbis, Magnet Sphere 2.0

    Hello Terraria Online! I've got a special idea for you today, one that will drop from the lunar boss, one so great tha- *shut up wisp!* ok, ill get on with it, but before we start, its time for the "fun stats of the day!" Magnet Sphere stats (stats taken directly from wiki and are here for...
  12. Wisp

    Ammo Indicators

    :rolleyes:I'm a little unsure about this one so... I guess ill just shoot. For Centuries, (or until 1.2.3) rangers wept at the fact that they had to switch ammo for different weapons of the same style, oh how nice it would be to have a certain weapon use a certain ammo...but woe is us... My...
  13. Wisp

    Minion Hotkey

    Because i love you summoners <3 Simple, fast suggestion. I find that its annoying when i repeatedly click with my summoner star cause i never know when I've reached the max amount of minions. my suggestion is, there would be a hotkey (U) that when pressed would give you the max amount of...
  14. Wisp

    Change to Celestial Acessories

    This is an accessory every mage needs, wether you're a healing mage, or an attacking mage, but there is one thing that bothers me about this accessory... The Accessory : if you read the title, you know what I'm talking about- The celestial magnet: ---The Celestial Emblem: and The Celestial...
  15. Wisp

    Pepper Spray

    Hello Terraria! its me again the creator of the storm fury and... wait, never mind, thats it. Well today I'm here with a new idea,Pepper Spray .Pepper spray would be an early game weapon found in surface chests, like a spear, the Pepper spray itself does 3 damage, as the source would come from...
  16. Wisp

    Stormfury, The starfury's succesor and More!

    Like many fellow terrarians out there, i was always a fan of the starfury, so when i realized there was no hard mode counterpart, i was extremely upset, (and NO people, the blizzard staff is not the hard mode star fury, they are completely different) so with the help of @Red H2O and sprites...
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