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  1. PoroCYon

    Tool [tML/Standalone/...] FNAGLSL: GLSL shaders in FNA

    Introduction Got enough of the limitations imposed by Shader Model 2.0? Today I present to you the solution: GLSL shaders! GLSL shaders have no annoying instruction limit, and are less picky about syntax. As FNA uses OpenGL under the hood (and uses MojoShader to translate HLSL shaders into...
  2. PoroCYon

    [Cross-Platform] Prism modding API for 1.3

    NOTE: THIS IS A PRERELEASE. SOME IMPORTANT FEATURES ARE MISSING AND/OR IT MIGHT BE UNSTABLE. NOTICE: Prism is not under active development anymore. It can, however, be continued by anyone who feels like it, and the code can be used in any of your projects, too (see "License"). It gained some...
  3. PoroCYon

    tAPI Ingame Cheat Menu

    Download here. (PDB file, please report issues when this file is deployed) Requires tAPI and my MCT. Do NOT recompile the .tapi file, there is no need, hence why I'm providing it as a .tapi. (you'd probably get some compiler errors) Source code
  4. PoroCYon

    tAPI Mod Creation Tools

    The Mod Creation Tools is made to make tAPI mods easier to make. (not as, check some checkboxes and let some JSON/C# code get generated, but provide some methods to easily add UI content, change existing content by code, easy networking, etc) Downloads: Installer Zip (only the .dlls) The...
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