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  1. Dreadnautilus5000

    An INNUMERABLE amount of weapons tested against Golem

    I was bored, so I decided to do another one of these, this time against Golem. Golem is interesting because he doesn't move around much, meaning things don't usually have problems hitting him, and in his first phase he is composed of three parts, giving weapons with AoE or piercing an advantage...
  2. Dreadnautilus5000

    Making boomerangs more unique and viable

    Boomerangs in Terraria are fun to use, but can get pretty boring eventually for a few reason. Most of them are basically exactly the same, and the only unique ones only have homing or slightly different movement to differentiate them from other boomerangs. We have 5 (6 if you include Fruitcake...
  3. Dreadnautilus5000

    Web Spit Capitalization Error

    Recently I was farming for the Poison Staff when I died to Web Spit from Black Recluses. However the death message ended in "by Web spit", with a lowercase s at the beginning of spit. I don't think think this is intentional as other projectiles have capitalized letters at the start of each word...
  4. Dreadnautilus5000

    A LARGE AMOUNT of early Hardmode weapons tested against Expert Twins

    Inspired by tests like this by @qwerty3.14, @J Bame, and @Mathbrush1, I've decided to test viable early Hardmode weapons against The Twins to see which weapons are superior in boss fights like this one. I did these tests in Journey mode with the difficulty slider set to 2.00x (Expert mode)...
  5. Dreadnautilus5000

    What're your favourite Master Mode exclusive items?

    As in favourite Master Mode pet, favourite Master Mode light pet, and favourite Master Mode mount. My favourite pet is either the Deactivated Probe, the Tablet Fragment, or the Robotic Skull. My favourite light pet is the Jewel of Light, and my favourite mount is the Toy Tank.
  6. Dreadnautilus5000

    Crystal Mounds - A Shadow Orb/Crimson Heart Variant for the Hallow

    Out of the three spreading biomes, two of them have destructible background objects that provide loot when destroyed and summon a boss when every third one is destroyed. But the Hallow doesn't have one, probably because it generates differently. But I don't see any reason for it to not have a...
  7. Dreadnautilus5000

    WIP Early-Game Mage and Summoner Changes and Additions

    In my opinion, pre-boss mages and summoners are pretty lacklustre. They aren't particularly powerful until you defeat Skeletron and the evil biome bosses, and their weapons at this stage are pretty difficult and/or time consuming to get, whereas melee and ranger have weapons that can be obtained...
  8. Dreadnautilus5000

    Changes to Fairy Behaviour

    Fairies are very useful for finding treasure, because they lead you to them, unlike other ways of finding them, such as Spelunker Potions and the Metal Detector. I think that Fairies should change what loot they lead players to as you reach certain points in the game, because once you reach 400...
  9. Dreadnautilus5000

    WIP Make Underpowered Armour Sets Better

    Terraria's got a lot of armour sets that are overshadowed by powerful ones. I'm going to propose changes to an array of bad armour sets to make them more useful and allow for more variety in terms of useful armour. Bee armour This armour set isn't exactly bad, but is worse than Obsidian even...
  10. Dreadnautilus5000

    Get Rid of Some Achievements

    A lot of the Achievements are obtained by defeating a boss or event, or obtaining a powerful item, or finding a useful treasure, or encountering a rare creature, which in my opinion are actual achievements. However some Achievements shouldn't be Achievements in my opinion, because you barely...
  11. Dreadnautilus5000

    Resolved Not Getting "This is....Terraria!" Trophy

    Just now, I reached 500 messages. However I didn't get the "This is....Terraria!" Trophy, which unlocks the Brain of Cthulhu title. I got the other trophies for reaching certain numbers of messages, but that was before the forum update (the one that added profile banners and profile post...
  12. Dreadnautilus5000

    A Complete Guide to Master Mode

    Whenever you create a world in Terraria, one of the choices you have to make is what difficulty to set it at. Classic Mode is best for beginners, Journey Mode is best for players who want to remove grinding or test certain things, and Expert Mode and Master Mode are for those who want more...
  13. Dreadnautilus5000

    Mobile Is there a way to zoom out the Minimap?

    I've been playing a lot on Mobile recently, and I find it annoying that the Minimap barely shows anywhere outside of the screen, which sort of defeats the purpose of the Minimap. Is there a way to zoom out the Minimap on Mobile, like on the PC version?
  14. Dreadnautilus5000

    A Consumable Made From Life Fruit

    Life Fruit are very useful, because the jump in maximum health from 400 to 500 (480 to 600 with Lifeforce Potions) makes a big difference. However, unlike Life Crystals, which can be made into Heart Lanterns once 400 life has been attained, Life Fruit become completely useless and make it harder...
  15. Dreadnautilus5000

    Mobile Crimson Enemies Not Spawning in Underground Crimson AFK Farm

    I made an AFK farm a while ago, and I placed Pearlstone nearby to farm Souls of Light to make Keys of Light. Later I decided to change it to Crimstone to farm Ichor, but after I did only regular Cavern enemies have been spawing (Giant Bats, Skeleton Archers, Armored Skeletons, etc.). The...
  16. Dreadnautilus5000

    Make The Ancient Set Actually Armour

    I originally had this idea in this thread by @Bed_breaker117: make Vanity armors into actual armor! not a suggestion just an idea! But that wasn't actually a suggestion, it was just a fun idea that he didn't want to be put into the game. So currently, there is almost no reason to visit the...
  17. Dreadnautilus5000

    WIP Buff Certain Accessories

    So recently I made a tier list of all the accessories in this game. As I ranked every accessory, I noticed some that were either very bad, or inferior to their counterparts. So I'm going to suggest some changes to make them better and/or useful for something important. Also, every performance...
  18. Dreadnautilus5000

    What Armor Set Looks Coolest In Your Opinion?

    I think it's either the Hallowed set with the Mask, or Vortex.
  19. Dreadnautilus5000

    Rework Blood Moon Fishing Slightly

    1.4.1 increased the drop chances of the Sanguine Staff and Bloody Tears, which was a step in the right direction, but there are still problems. One of them is that the enemies you fish up are very hard to kill without cheesing them. All of the enemies have high stats, which should be lowered...
  20. Dreadnautilus5000

    Ask Dreadnautilus anything!

    So, yeah, ask me, an enormous shelled water demon, anything you want (within the AMA rules, of course).
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