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  1. Fizzard007

    tModLoader Errors?

    I have just started modding and do not have much experience. Does anyone know what i did wrong here? using Terraria.ID; using Terraria.ModLoader; namespace ReverentiaMod.Items { public class Aquila : ModItem { public override void SetStaticDefaults() {...
  2. Fizzard007


    I made a new world for my playthrough, i played it for a while, then came back and when i tried to enter the world it would show a black screen and crash. I made another world and the same happend. The .bak files were deleted automatically and even those were broken. The game usually updates...
  3. Fizzard007


    anyone know any good program to make sprites?
  4. Fizzard007

    tModLoader tModLoader coding?

    Is tModLoader mod making json or something else. the example link on tmodloader website doesnt work.
  5. Fizzard007

    3DS Should i get terraria for 3ds?

    i have terraria for ps3 and pc and im thinking about getting it for 3ds, i have £40 spare. EDIT: is it 1.3?
  6. Fizzard007

    guess the persons time above

    guess the persons time above! and timezone if u want to
  7. Fizzard007

    funny joke contest

    funny joke contest yea u probably already know it by the name .-. (badum psshhhh)
  8. Fizzard007

    tAPI Comunity's mod

    Hello! i had an idea of a mod where you guys can code and make textures or whatever you want! you dont need to do this but is one person makes an item i will publish the mod with the item! (this mod is for people who don't want to make a full mod)
  9. Fizzard007

    What was your best thing you built or got?

    what was the best thing you build or got? Best thing i got was a.. oh wait nothing because i use cheat mod ;( i built a mountain house and a weird house (i cant show because i can't screenshot. i know how but i can't) Show me yours!!
  10. Fizzard007

    tAPI How do i make a biome?

    Does anyone know how to make a biome? If you do could you post the code?
  11. Fizzard007

    tAPI .CS coders needed

    Anyone want to do .CS coding if so please say
  12. Fizzard007

    Spoiler command not working for me?

    please help! the spoiler command wont work for me, it doesn't have the spoiler button hi that was a test for spoiler buttin
  13. Fizzard007

    tAPI Suggestions needed

    Can someone suggest ideas please?
  14. Fizzard007

    tAPI Wepon Mod!

    Wepon Mod! (Stopped developing because of corrupt mod file) (OUTDATED) EDIT: changed name to NitroTerrarian New update Hypeee This mod adds a small amount of items! here's a list of them! Admin's Jet This jetpack is for those players who like to cheat or explore! but if you want to play...
  15. Fizzard007

    tAPI not showing in crafting menu?

    can someone help me i made a soul of gem and it wont show in my crafting menu in game heres my code { "displayName": "Soul Of Gems", "texture": "Items/SoulOfGem", "size":[32,32], "maxStack": 99, "value": [0,0,1,0], "rare": 1, "tooltip": "A Soul Made Out Of Gems", "recipes"...
  16. Fizzard007


    please help when i build the mod this error shows up please help Terraria, tAPI Builder r14a ======================================== LitJson.JsonException: ModInfo Error: The given key was not present in the dictionary. ---> System.Collections.Generic.KeyNotFoundException: The given...
  17. Fizzard007

    Item texture?

    Can someone help me? im trying to make a mod and i dont know how to make textures? how do i make textures? please help! :happy:
  18. Fizzard007


    Can someone help? i installed tapi and put gRealm and basemod in the local mod folder and i went in game to mods list and there are no mods HELP
  19. Fizzard007

    n terraria server?

    does anyone know a n terraria server? if you do please tell me
  20. Fizzard007


    Please help i tried to install game laucnher and when im at terraria assembly part i put in terraria.exe and it said could not find part to path im too lazy to type the other stuff PLEASE HELP;(
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