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  1. TheSlothstronaut

    What is the first game you ever played?

    I dont really remember but i think its counter strike condition zero :/
  2. TheSlothstronaut

    how is your expression when you first encountered the dungeon guardian?

    Me?, i jumped off my chair and fell down :redspin:
  3. TheSlothstronaut

    What is your best moment of 2014?

    -I went traveling to Singapore -Changed my ISP (finally) -Gorgasm bought me terraria! thanks gorgasm :D Thats mine so whats yours?
  4. TheSlothstronaut

    What is your most hated boss in terraria?

    Me?, Slime king... he is just so annoying! like whenever i go he just spawns for no reason :D
  5. TheSlothstronaut

    Giving NPC's weapons and armor so they can protect themself!

    It will be great if we can give them weapons, armor and such because now, NPC's are dumbheads who cant protect themselves or run away from enemies. pardon my english because english is not my native language :P
  6. TheSlothstronaut

    PC What is your most favourite item in Terraria?

    Mine is Paladin hammer and Chain Gun! :joy:
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