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  1. superwill771

    Mannequin costume for killing NPCs

    I remember there was a gif of unimplemented plan for 1.4 to introduce a new mannequin costume that gives the ability to attack NPCs when fully worn. I wonder if it is possible to implement it for real.
  2. superwill771

    PC Expanding Chest swap to other types of furniture

    I wonder if it is possible to expand the chest swap mechanic to other types of furniture. I know it will quite some time to actually implement it. I suggest to start with themed furniture sets. Examples: Swapping normal torch to ichor torch Swapping bathubs Swapping normal dresser with cactus...
  3. superwill771

    Torch luck not working at surface and space

    The wiki says that placed torches at Surface and Space layers don't affect luck, only when held. Maybe it's an oversight or intentional.
  4. superwill771

    Terraria 2 to start dev after 1.4.4?

    Does this tweet from Cenx confirm this or not? By the way, I would like to see the sequel in Otherworld style.
  5. superwill771

    Mud Bombs and Snow Bombs

    Mud and Snow Bombs are good ideas for stuff like filling up gaps when removing infected stone and ice blocks in the Jungle and Tundra respectively.
  6. superwill771

    PC Will there be Coralstone walls?

    I noticed that there are no coralstone walls in the previews, just painted pre-existing walls. Does that mean there won't be coralstone walls, or they are just not finished yet? A furniture set won't be complete without its respective background wall.
  7. superwill771

    Tim Shortsword as a substitute for crafting the Zenith.

    This will be practical in worlds with tin instead of copper.
  8. superwill771

    Staff of Regrowth to "unmow" mowed grass for 1.4.4.

    As an idea for 1.4.4, the Staff of Regrowth can be used to grow mowed grass back to normal, especially that under trees, so they won't need be be cut down. It should also work on Fairy Logs.
  9. superwill771

    Celestial monoliths have odd pixels

    There are two odd pixels at the tips of the Nebula monolith's tendrils. There is also one bright at the top left part of each monolith.
  10. superwill771

    PC Reporting issues with Jimmarn's texture pack

    Some of the boss images in the Bestiary don't match the ones in @Jimmarn's texture pack, notably the Wall of Flesh, the Destroyer and Skeletron Prime. Ditto with the Hungry's attached form.
  11. superwill771

    Terraria and Redigit banned from Google for no reasons

    Not sure if there was already a thread about this, but Terraria has been locked (not permabanned) of their Youtube and Gmail accounts since January 16th, ten days before they disclosed it on their twitter account. This was done without explanation, even though they did not post content on...
  12. superwill771

    Updating fox, wolf and cat costume inventory sprites.

    The three costumes' inventory sprites need to be updated to match the equipped ones. Will they be updated in an official patch or made in a texture pack?
  13. superwill771

    **REPORTED** Misspelling in Jellyfish Necklace tooltip

    The word "subtle" is misspelled as "suble". This also goes for its tinkers.
  14. superwill771

    Working as Designed Ichor Stickers sinking in water

    Is it normal that Ichor Stickers sink in water and are unable to go back up, especially for an enemy with the Hovering AI? Update: I tested with other enemies with the Hovering AI at a lake: Pixie, Ghost, Wraith and Gastropod. They are able to hover above liquids when chasing players with...
  15. superwill771

    Resolved Fledgeling wings causes player to flicker.

    Fledgeling Wings causes player to flicker faintly when flying with them.
  16. superwill771

    Working as Designed Problem with Underground Snow cabins' doors

    Underground Snow cabins appears to have their doors on two blocks, unlike cabins of other biomes.
  17. superwill771

    Resolved Angry Tumblers don't make hurt sounds

    While they still make death sounds, Angry Tumblers don't make their hurt sounds when attacked.
  18. superwill771

    Game resolution resets to 800 x 600 after hotfix.

    Did everyone notice that the game resolution resets to 800 x 600 after the hotfix was released. Mine was 1920 x 1080.
  19. superwill771

    Resolved Why can't I upload .mp4 videos on my threads?

    Why are such files not allowed while other members have them in their threads? I record videos with OBS 26.0.0.
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