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  1. Notso

    Friend cannot connect via IP, can connect via Steam

    Hey guys, Until two/three days ago, my friend (who lives near Washington DC) has been connecting to the server I host for us using my global IP address just fine (I live in Cape Town, South Africa). Now however, she is unable to join the server that I am hosting via IP, but can join via Steam...
  2. Notso

    Shields acting like shields (and more shields!)

    Preface Have you ever found it strange that shields in Terraria can't be used as shields? I didn't, until my most recent RP run and my character found a Cobalt Shield in the first chest in the dungeon that he opened, and I realised it was kind of strange (from his perspective) that he couldn't...
  3. Notso

    NPC housing proximity and mob spawns

    In my ongoing Yggdrasil project I suddenly had a worrying thought, and that was that I had no idea how close NPCs needed to be together to stop monsters from spawning all over the place. I would just like some advice on whether in my specific case people who have built many more and varied towns...
  4. Notso

    PC Howzit, good sirs and ladies?

    Good <insert time of day> Terrarians! [: I've been playing Terraria on and off for a about a year and a half now, I mostly play and listen to podcasts simultaneously, but when I'm not listening to podcasts I tend to RP my way through the world. Currently I'm in the process of building an...
  5. Notso

    What mod is this screenshot from?

    Saw this screenshot in another thread and thought the interface looked cool, but I couldn't find the mod it was from
  6. Notso

    Maximum Altitude for NPC Housing?

    [ANSWERED] Currently in the process of building an ambitious Yggdrasil, and I'm aiming, per Norse mythology, to have its roots touching the underworld and its upper branches touching space. Naturally I want to house the NPCs in my awesome creation, and I'm wondering if there's a maximum...
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