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    Would be interesting if we could upgrade weapons/armor indefinitely.

    Literally just grind and level up their power/stats - no new mechanics, effects nor graphics. This way if you really like a weapon or armor you can improve it stats and make it scale pretty much indefinitely.
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    Give whips and summons a secondary attack.

    Not really satisfied with how whips turned out. So here are some showerthoughts improvements I thought of. Probably won't happen but what the heck. Whip secondary attack Activation: by using right click (left click remains for standard attack) What it does: it commands the minions to use...
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    Can we have blueprints and drones like Factorio? 😬

    Building the same structures over and over again is kind of tedious. It would make "adjustments" so much more bearable too - e.g. build something ... because idiot, misaligned it and now need to move it one block to the right ... OCD will not allow otherwise. Staff of Building Summons flying...
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    PC Grand Design right click to show radial menu occasionally bugs out

    It might have something to do with levers near by ... maybe - because I recall right clicking on empty space and it toggles those levers instead of opening the radial menu. The only fix is to exit to menu and reload.
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    Unlimited Blade Staff

    Unlimited Blade Staff Crafting : Blade Staff + Broken Hero Sword (+ whatever) Everything is the same as Blade Staff except Ignores 100% armor (the damage will still be low due to low base damage so it will still have it's "thousand cuts" concept; nor should it be a problem balance-wise[1])...
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    Concrete Solution

    One of the most tedious tasks is filling in holes block by block. While we do have the dirt bomb, it's kind of hit and miss. My suggestion: Concrete Solution Ingredients: Sand or Stone How it works: You shoot it with the Clentaminator like any other solution. It only affects water where...
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    Use for “low level” items

    It’s probably too late but “low level items” could get some use at late game if usage of equip-able items had a “resources cost” and players had to choose what they use. As players “level” they get more resources, allowing them to use higher end weapons/armor, players can then choose - e.g...
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    I think it started around - can't remember. Persist in Thought I would post a video, maybe it would help narrow down the cause. It goes away after a while - until you enter a new area with different graphics/enemies/spell effects.
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    Bestiary not completeable in 1.3.x worlds?

    No Fairies because no Fallen Logs.
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    Luminite chest?

    It should be black+dark brown with green lines and have the periodic hazy effect
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    **REPORTED** Pillar mobs showing up at spawn point when you die during the lunar pillar events

    This isn't a problem for softcore players (or hardcore for the matter) but mediumcore players are screwed as they can't fight back. Fixable by exiting the world and re-entering I suppose. As mediumcore you lose all your gear if I'm right. Either way it is still a bug.
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    Did they change Random Number Generator in 1.4?

    I have seen streamers get the same drops again and again when farming a boss. It happens to me too. I know random is random but ... is this fun? Some "bad luck protection" would be nice. I wonder what RNG are they using. I know many games use Mersenne Twister.
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    [] game stuttering

    Anyone else with stuttering problems recently. It just became noticeable for me yesterday. Seem related to data access - sometimes when I use a weapon for the first time in a session, when I kill an enemy, or rush into an area. The game freezes for a brief second. I tried Fullscreen and...
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    Target dummies that can be "switched on/off" via wires and be attacked by minion AI

    As the title says. Allows testing of summoner minion DPS. Wires can toggle it (like a light bulb), On = enemy minion AI will attack it Off = what we have now where minion AI ignores it
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    So what do you guys think of the Terraprisma?

    For the longest time we were stuck with Stardust weapons (and the neverending debate as to whether the Cells or the Dragon is better). Now we got the Terraprisma. A huge pain to get. Was pulling out my hair for the whole day trying to beat the Empress during daytime. Had to resort to cheese...
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    RE: Moonlord change and collecting.

    I heard in 1.4 Moonlord's laser will go through solid blocks. I wonder if this is a good change. One of Terraria's features, IMHO, that set it apart from other side scrolling Metroidvanias is the ability to modify the environment to work for you vs bosses. This just weaken this aspect of the...
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    Maybe go full ARPG ...

    That's one venue of expansion. With talents, socketed items, and what not to modify your attacks, drilling, placing of blocks, looting range ... etc. e.g. modify your drilling to place stone bricks at the side of the hole created
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    Win 10 Fall Update (and possibly Nvidia drivers 387.92)

    Getting massive slow downs with CPU usage @4% total (highest core: 20+%). FPS dropped from a steady 60 to 30. I'm running in borderless window mode. CPU: i7-7700 @ 3.60GHz RAM: 16GiB GPU: GTX1070 8GiB (Driver version: 387.92) OS: Window 10 Updating Windows and GPU drivers was the only thing I...
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    Equipment Manager and Item Bank

    Equipment Manager Allow the game to memories specific equipment loadouts and allow us with a press of a button equip those loadouts. I believe just about everyone is (ab)using the vanity slots to make swapping equipment more convenient. Item Bank OK, storing stuff in chests is alright ...
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    I feel like Rick Sanchez when I play Terraria

    I don't "get good" instead I change the world so it's "good" for me. NPC died? No big deal. There are infinite replacements. Corruption got out of hand and completely messed up the world? Oops. Too lazy to fix it, just going to move to a new world. Just a showerthought.
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