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  1. Morkovka

    PC Sims 4

    so lets talk about sims 4
  2. Morkovka

    Big Rigs

    Best game ever.
  3. Morkovka

    PC Crimson related mechanical boss

    First of all lets start with "'Mechanical Brain" on the first form It will summon his minions called CPUChips then when you kill them all its gonna go to the second form On the second form it will start teleporting on top of the player dealing some damage before teleporting away form you...
  4. Morkovka

    Stronghold crusader extreme HD

    Does anybody still play this game
  5. Morkovka

    Weird world generation

    So i started a new world and this happened Granite biome on the surface and living tree Somehow grow weirdly and with no chest inside
  6. Morkovka

    Ultimate armor

    Well lets start with some stats and then what it does 125-def 50-knockback reduction +30% damage to Melle weapons +30% movement speed +25% Melle speed Now you think its overpowered To craft it you will need Solar Flare armor+50 Luminite bar+25 Solar Fragments Monsters are more likely to target...
  7. Morkovka

    Terraria decorations

    Has anyone decorated their terraria houses with the new season event. And if you did please show them here.
  8. Morkovka

    Bomby ducky

    it explodes 75 dmg doesnt destroy tiles epic paint skills looks something like dis it walks for 6 second and then explodes on small radius.
  9. Morkovka

    Mom.. Dad..

    My toiled just clogged how do i unclog it mom... dad... but nobody came
  10. Morkovka

    Rain problems

    How to summon rain. I know its impossible without HAAACKSSSS but is there a better way than just waiting. spasiba-спасибо-thanks :)
  11. Morkovka

    What to do.

    So i killed Moon lord and got a meowmere what should i do now.
  12. Morkovka

    Last mans meme

    Last person that posts dankest meme picture will end this threat. I'm gonna say if its dankest or no.
  13. Morkovka

    Can i kill him. mom.

    So ummm I have 99 def and that meow sword that does 318 dmg but then i have daybreak and it does 223 dmg and is more effective as i readed on wiki which is better to kill MOON LORD meowmeow sword or daybreak. Thuanks. Lmao.
  14. Morkovka

    Russian translation please

    I need Russian translation. I know I'm not Russian I'm an platypus but i need to learn Russian from games or movies, cus school has Russian language. So just please please add Russian translation
  15. Morkovka

    Your most proudest moment.

    The title says it all what is your most proudest moment mine would be building poop house to move in guide. ayy lmao...
  16. Morkovka

    island question?

    What item from terraria would you bring to deserted island? UFO mount cus you could just fly awayyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyy,,,. ayy lmoa
  17. Morkovka

    Most useless item in game

    the title says it all, What is your most useless item, weapon, gun, tool in game? mine would be shoddy copper shortsword. legendary copper shortsword is the best.
  18. Morkovka

    scary dynamite traps.

    Its just a little question but have you ever been scared by dynamite traps? well i had this. this is how it happened i was walking in the jungle and then the TNT trap was like booom and i was like ahhhhhh like my heart was just stopped for a second.
  19. Morkovka

    What is your building style?

    What is your building style? Mine would be... umm something like this Or this
  20. Morkovka


    Hi my name is umm ummmmm, llleets just say its wizword. i like terraria done!!!!111!!!1!!1!!! ''explosions in background'' (talks in deep voice) my name is wizword im wizword harry yes me wizward not you hehe hehe lol knock knock, whos there its wizward babeh ''more explosions in backround''...
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