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  1. chomper94

    Switch Move the sun/moon on Switch

    When 1.4 releases on Switch, while on handheld mode, we should be able to use the touch screen to move the sun and moon.
  2. chomper94

    Console Ability to download maps on Console

    With the new 1.4 update now on PS4 and Xbox One, I believe we should add the ability to play maps on Console, like the golf map for example! What do you think?
  3. chomper94

    Greetings, chomper94 here!

    Hello everyone, it’s nice to find forums for probably my best indie game I’ve ever played! Anyway, allow me to introduce myself, I’m chomper94, and I play Terraria on Google Play, PS4 (can’t believe the 1.4 update is tomorrow for this console), and Nintendo Switch. Nice to meet you all! I...
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