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  1. Hyperkatmanders

    PC DST Equipment might need a huge buff...

    I've been talking to people about these weapons like @J Bame, @qwerty3.14 (I need you guys to help me lmfao), and a few others, but the weapons are very underwhelming, Lucy has about the same dps as Fiery Greatsword, but also has less range, and is worse as an axe than Molten Hamaxe, the Ranged...
  2. Hyperkatmanders

    Introducing TerraBalanced

    Hello there, and welcome to TerraBalanced, a mod idea that I continue to work on to improve the quality of Terraria by not changing how the game fundamentally plays but by making things slightly better, I’m not a coder or a spriter so this is really and idea unless I’m able to get people to help...
  3. Hyperkatmanders

    Mobile Visual glitch on Onyx Blaster

    This is a simple one, it doesn’t affect anything it’s just weird, but the Onyx Blaster projectile seems to have 2 layers(the black projectile and the outline) but the black projectile part doesn’t load, again, no gameplay changes, just a weird visual bug, I show my image which shows the bug, and...
  4. Hyperkatmanders

    Favorite Biome Weapon and why?

    Usually I gripe about stuff in these forums but I’m genuinely curious, I saw this forum asking people about this from 5 years ago which is crazy, I want to see what people think because the Desert Tiger Staff is now a thing and some weapons actually got a buff which is really cool. My personal...
  5. Hyperkatmanders

    Throwing Knives/Javelins shouldn’t be Ranged.

    In 1.4 one major change made it so all Throwing equipment now belonged to Ranged, at first I didn’t care but then it really got to me. This might be a bit controversial but I think that the Bone Throwing Knife, Throwing Knife, Poisoned Knife, Shuriken, Javelin, Star Anise, Frost Daggerfish, and...
  6. Hyperkatmanders

    Switch I am TERRIFIED on this bug

    So I was going to do some testing and so I entered my main world, low and behold MY FRIEND WAS IN THE WORLD, He only ran left, and it showed his name as Hard Lfan, instead of Lfan despite being his switch name being Lfan. I’m in singleplayer and I had a heart attack when he spiraled from my roof...
  7. Hyperkatmanders

    inconsistencies in rarity of items

    This is a strange thing to talk about, but there are a few issues with rarity of items in the game which could easily be fixed, the only 2 I found would be the Fledgling wings and the Obsidian armor. The fledgling wings are a new wing added in 1.4 that is given upon creating a journey mode...
  8. Hyperkatmanders

    Buff the Biome Weapons

    I'm getting bored of this thread, I was just a little annoyed because the weapons are a little bit annoying to get
  9. Hyperkatmanders

    Pixel Art New weapon idea: Feather Knives

    Hello Terrarians, my name is Hyperkatmanders and today I have something to show all of you. I’ve been working on this for 2 days and I finished it while in class(I should’ve been doing work but whatever) but this is a new sky weapon idea called feather knives, essentially a worse version of...
  10. Hyperkatmanders

    Switch Dye, armor, vanity glitch

    As I’m sure you’ve seen, characters are kinda bugging out, I’m having this same issue and it’s making the game really strange, my grim dye on my main character now goes behind me instead of going up, some of my characters vanity are straight up gone and nothing will change it, and all sorts of...
  11. Hyperkatmanders

    Switch 1.3.5 Strange glitches

    I will explain this the best I can but my switch is under parental control and I can’t get the videos, first glitch seems to be an everlasting sandstorm like they are always active no matter what and it’s really weird, next glitch doesn’t make sense but my Titanium furnace turned into a...
  12. Hyperkatmanders

    Switch [1.3.5] Uh strange tree wing glitch

    So I was playing Terraria on switch and found a very strange glitch were the wings turned into a winter tree
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