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  1. mrkite77

    Standalone How the XNB shaders work

    Someone asked me how the XNB shaders worked, so I figured I'd post here, just to help anyone else who needed it. A while ago I wrote a quick little command-line program that can disassemble xnb shaders. You can download the source here. If you disassemble the TileShaders.xnb, you'll see a lot...
  2. mrkite77

    Tool Terrafirma - Interactive Mapping

    Moving this over here since the old forums are shutting down... Terrafirma is the original mapping program for Terraria. The first version was released May 23rd, 2011. (Terraria was released May 16th, 2011). View your world, search for blocks, search for chests containing a specific item...
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