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  1. Rgmemo

    PC Doubts about the purpose of post-ML weapons

    That's an inevitability. The last functional reward you get in a game will always be "pointless" because it's the last reward, thus there's no further challenge to test its worth on, only enemies you already beat with lesser weapons. Even if you did add post-Moon Lord content, then it would...
  2. Rgmemo

    Member-Run Project Which is the hardest

    Moon Lord, overall. Empress of Light doesn't pelt you with as many projectiles from as many different angles as the Moon Lord does, and Duke Fishron isn't that durable post-Golem (I actually think he should get a health buff, no idea why he has less health than Empress). Moon Lord has so many...
  3. Rgmemo

    What is your favorite enemy and why?

    Ghouls. Their different variants that all light up the Underground Desert are very cool. You can actually get the Hallow, Corruption and Crimson all carving up different sections of the biome, and then get a neat lightshow with their respective Ghoul types if you can find a section where all...
  4. Rgmemo

    Worst trends in media

    The internet is politicised nowadays, so impressionable kids grow up on it and hop immediately into basal tribalism and "culture-wars" for the thrill of it, even if that means extrapolating it to broad subjects for no observable purpose (besides creating more sides/tribes). Everyone and their...
  5. Rgmemo

    Solar eruption flail or Spears?

    It's very similar in function to "launched flails" like the Flairon and Golem Fist. I never found it to resemble any of the spears in any notable way.
  6. Rgmemo

    Destroyer emblem vs Avenger emblem

    Destroyer Emblem. A lot of late-game equipment that boosts damage also boosts crit rate, so may as well invest in both.
  7. Rgmemo

    Hue/Saturation/Brightness/Contrast slider in the Settings Menu

    If you're using Nvidia cards then I heard you can use the overlay to adjust colour settings for specific games, without globally affecting the colours like with desktop colour settings. I don't personally use the overlay but it might be an option.
  8. Rgmemo

    What Pokemon type is the avatar above you?

    Normal? It looks like a dog sprite.
  9. Rgmemo

    Switch witch is rarer

    The black belt is a component in the master ninja gear, so it seems sort of redundant to have it in the poll.
  10. Rgmemo

    RE:Making Endgame Swords Pure Melee

    I don't know where this "true melee" thing spawned from but I didn't hear people clamouring for it until a few years ago. All melee weapons are "true melee" anyway. Melee weapons are characterised by the weapon itself being able to do damage (so the blade of a sword, for example), not lacking...
  11. Rgmemo

    Explain a terraria enemy/boss badly

    Ever fell for a honey trap?
  12. Rgmemo

    Pingu is the best show!

    Pingu was one of the shows I saw semi-regularly as a kid, because it aired on British children's television channels. It actually had a distinct aura around it that separated it from the usual patronising trite that aired for children. I think that was both because the colouration was less...
  13. Rgmemo

    Corruption or Crimson? (Poll)

    I'm surprised this thread hasn't been moved to this one: Corruption or Crimson? Which do you prefer? Anyway, my answer is the same as in that thread:
  14. Rgmemo

    The Last Post Wins!

    I'll post here for the sake of posting here. I wonder who the last poster will actually be. How many years in the future will the final post be made?
  15. Rgmemo

    I was wondering if any of you guys play Master Mode more now that it came out, or stick to Expert Mode?

    I've played exclusively in Master Mode since it was released; it's not too difficult. I played Master Mode with the For The Worthy seed once too, which I completed, but it wasn't very fun.
  16. Rgmemo

    Terraria State of the Game - March 2022

    The stack change is significant. tModLoader had mods like MaxStackPlus for that reason. I wonder how it will feel in practice. Good to see tModLoader 1.4 isn't in developer hell as well.
  17. Rgmemo

    Terraria - PewDiePie Crossover Merchandise Launches Today

    I find it pretty funny that a thread about some innocuous merch was this contentious. Damn is that a lot of text.
  18. Rgmemo

    Items you think are overrated?

    I found the Soaring Insignia pretty useless. It doesn't inherently grant the ability of either boots or wings, so you need to jam it in yet another accessory slot to get any use out of it at all, which I never even needed considering late-game mobility is already so high that it's redundant...
  19. Rgmemo

    Skeletron boss better loot

    I've seen someone comment before that Skeletron's "real" loot was essentially all the stuff you can find in the Dungeon, as a sort of indirect reward. I don't know if that's true or not, however. Skeletron doesn't have as much loot as other bosses, and doesn't drop any material, but the Book of...
  20. Rgmemo

    Sharing the Love - Terraria Update News!

    I like the sentry duration change a lot. 2 minutes was just too short.
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