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  1. ♥♥Chino♥♥ Fanboy4evr

    PC Help Pls!

    I just defeated Wall of Flesh and now my entire living area is corrupted, what do i do????
  2. ♥♥Chino♥♥ Fanboy4evr

    PC Feral Claws (Done)

    Well I want to sell a fair of feral claws, but idk what for. Throw me some offers if ur interested? Thanks :D
  3. ♥♥Chino♥♥ Fanboy4evr

    Server Found

    Hi guys, so I'm new to terraria and i wish to play multiplayer with my friends, but it just doesn't work out. I've searched all over this forum and more to find a way to fix it, but nothing seemed to prevail. So heres the situation, I can open terraria without a problem, it runs without any...
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