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  1. Morgoroth

    tModLoader Destructible Tiles - Brutalize your worlds

    this mod is amazing 10/10
  2. Morgoroth

    Base All Items map Ztorage_Zystem!

    Thanks! finally i will end my figths plataforms
  3. Morgoroth

    Captain edge gaming textures

    i like the wall of flesh
  4. Morgoroth

    [1.4] Town NPCs by Deon - alternative sprites selection

    The best NPC texture pack in 1.4
  5. Morgoroth

    tModLoader Player Location Saving

    Good job Sr!
  6. Morgoroth

    tModLoader The Amulet Of Many Minions: Combat Pets!

    I recomend this mod so much! This is beautiful and very, very useful! I think some summoners needs a nerf to be balanced with the terraria vanilla. But, congrats bro
  7. Morgoroth

    tModLoader The Thorium Mod

    The bard class are one of the best original ideas of Terraria.
  8. Morgoroth

    Best Mod Combination

    Hi! I'm looking for a good mods combinations. I like calamity but it is unbalanced if. So, what is your best funniest combo for play terraria? :)
  9. Morgoroth

    tModLoader Useful NPCs

    Wow! You are a genious. Congrats!
  10. Morgoroth

    Better Summons Textures

    Good joob! :)
  11. Morgoroth

    Chilean texture pack

    jajajjjajjajajajajjajajajajajjajaja No está mal.
  12. Morgoroth

    PC The Universal Texture Pack

    Some texture are fine, but another one are really disgusting. I think this works so much better without so many texture made in paint.
  13. Morgoroth

    PC Dark Wizard

    Here a suggestion: blue beard
  14. Morgoroth

    The librarian

    I made a account on this page only for tell to you this: good work, great imagination. :happy:
  15. Morgoroth

    tModLoader Ancients Awakened (Work in Progress)

    Very well. But the mod have so much objets that do not lead to anything and remain as a nuisance in the inventory. It would be better if some objects were a recipe to create others, so nothing is wasted. The mod brings a lot of weapons and armor that after you use them are obsolete and that's a...
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