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  1. Flubman

    PC Other Players' Healthbars Deplete from Health-Removing Status Effects in Journey when Godmode is Enabled

    It can't actually kill anyone. It just affects the little healthbar graphic you see under other players in multiplayer. It appears to be a syncing issue because the healthbar resets at an interval. You guys probably already knew about this, but I just wanted to make sure.
  2. Flubman

    PC Resolution Resets Whenever I Open and Close Terraria

    Every time I open and close Terraria, the resolution resets, and it's annoying to have to manually reset it every time. Is there any way to fix this?
  3. Flubman

    Star Cloak Bug

    This has probably been reported, but I just wanted to make sure. I tested this myself in
  4. Flubman

    Working as Designed Night's Edge Autoswing Bug(?)

    The autoswing on Night's Edge seems kind of jank. Whenever you swing, it locks you into swinging in one direction, and the only way to swing in the opposite direction requires you to stop swinging. Is this a bug, or was this intentional?
  5. Flubman

    Make Deerclops Regenerate His HP Upon Every Player Near Him Dying

    As is, Deerclops seems too easy to cheese due to him not despawning upon the player's death. The items you can get from Deerclops are actually good now, and allowing the player to cheese what would otherwise be a fairly hard boss by mindlessly slamming their face into a wall 1,000 times to get...
  6. Flubman

    Make It so that an NPC's Flags/Housing Counts Towards Making a Pylon Work Instead of the NPC's Physical Location

    NPCs can wander around a fair bit during the day, and sometimes, they wander far enough from their homes to make a pylon that should work not work. This can be pretty inconvenient and could be solved entirely by making it so that an NPC's flag/housing is what's checked instead of their physical...
  7. Flubman

    Meteorite Spawning Question (also a question about Meteor Armor)

    I know that defeating EoW/BoC gives you a 50% chance of a meteorite spawning. However, do the chances for a meteorite spawning stack if you defeat multiple EoW/BoC in one day? Like, if you beat two in a day, would that increase the chances of a meteorite spawning to 75%? Edit: Also, is Meteor...
  8. Flubman

    PC Certain Options Not Showing in Settings

    According to the wiki, there should be options for toggling heat distortion and water effects in video settings, but I don't see them. Is something wrong with my game, or were those options removed? Here is what I see in my "Video" options.
  9. Flubman

    PC Died to a Dead Man's Chest but Didn't Get the Achievement for It

    I was playing multiplayer with a friend of mine. I opened a Dead Man's Chest, and it killed me, but I didn't unlock the achievement for it. Unfortunately, I was not recording video at the time, but here's a picture to prove that I don't have the achievement.
  10. Flubman

    Working as Designed OST Oversight

    Deerclops' theme is not included in the Terraria: Official Soundtrack. Also, I'm sorry that this isn't actually a bug, but I don't know where else to point this out.
  11. Flubman

    **REPORTED** Touching Deerclops' Legs Deals No Damage (also possible warmth potion oversight)

    This may or may not be by design, but you can pass through Deerclops' legs without taking damage, which seems a bit too forgiving because it creates a near-blind spot: And no, I didn't make this video. Sorry if this is another "working as intended" situation. Also, it seems like warmth...
  12. Flubman

    Weather Pain Buff

    A 30 mana cost for a pre-Hardmode magic weapon seems pretty steep, and the DPS it offers doesn't seem to be good enough to justify that. Perhaps the Weather Pain's mana cost could be reduced somewhat? Maybe the weapon could be buffed in some other way (such as allowing multiple tornadoes to...
  13. Flubman

    Working as Designed 1.4.3: Deerclops Doesn't Despawn Upon the Player's Death

    Now, I don't know if this is intentional or not, but Deerclops doesn't despawn upon the player's death, but considering how out-of-place it feels in Terraria, I'm leaning towards it being a bug. Here's video footage of said bug (Sorry that the tone of the video is so negative, but it does show...
  14. Flubman

    The Problem With NPC Happiness

    Many aspects of NPC happiness are good. The new pylons are a godsend, particularly for large worlds. There's also a cool puzzle-solving aspect to it that's unlike anything else in Terraria. Lastly, it gives the NPCs some welcome characterization. However, the fact that not building a certain...
  15. Flubman

    Please, Allow Players to Spawn More than One Eater of Worlds by Smashing Shadow Orbs in 1.4

    This also applies to the Brain of Cthulu and Crimson Hearts, but I didn't have enough room to put them in the title. One of the build notes to 1.4 reads "Can no longer spawn a second EOW/BOC by smashing more orbs." I know this hasn't been implemented yet and is subject to change, but so far...
  16. Flubman

    Terraria Keeps Crashing

    Suddenly, Terraria started crashing whenever I try to start it up, and whenever it does work, there's no sound. I reinstalled the game, and it didn't help. At the time, I was slowly mining out a small world. Can someone please help me?
  17. Flubman

    Increase the Max Stack for Pixie Dust to 999

    Pixie Dust is far too common and useful to have a max stack of 99. Changing it to 999 would save storage space.
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