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  1. NightFuryis11

    tModLoader The Adventures in Terraria Remade

    Current Version: Unreleased Pre-Alpha For tMod Version 0.11.5 and Terraria Versions 1.3.5.X The Adventures in Terraria Remade mod is a WiP content mod, set to add several new biomes, bosses, and everything in between - just don't expect it to come quickly. As of currently there is 1 boss, the...
  2. NightFuryis11

    Drawings & Paintings NightFuryis11's Art Thread

    Here is where I'll post some drawings of some characters I make, and maybe put some stories to go with them. :dryadwink: If I get a good response, I might even accept requests! (Whether you want me too or not...)
  3. NightFuryis11

    Drawings & Paintings Night's Art and Sprites

    Here is some of my art: I will be periodically taking requests, and will try to get them done in a timely manner. I will post my drawings here as soon as I get them done. Although there may not be many to start with, the number will be increasing periodically. HOPE YOU ENJOY!
  4. NightFuryis11

    Story The Season Girls

    The Season Girls' story is the tale of the Season Girls — April, May, and June — and the friends they make along the way. Although the story is centered around the Season Girls, they are part of a much bigger plot, involving 5 major, and many minor characters. The major characters are (I'll...
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