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  1. DemonSword

    Ask and DemDem will answer (to the best of his ability)

    Ello friendlies, I am Demonsword! Or DemDem for my nickname I've carried since 2010. Ask me anything, but nothing personal like real name, parents, location of living and such. Some answers I gave to people when they asked, whether on TCF, TO, or any other one. 1. I love, ABSOLUTELY love Desco...
  2. DemonSword

    Terraria IRC Still Works

    (If this is the wrong place to put this, please move) If you were on the IRC chat before Thursday and couldn't get back on: @Diablodoc : "I'm not op and not much use, but you can connect to as the IRC server. A server has gone down, and nobody but Spitfire, who is not around...
  3. DemonSword

    PC Robocraft

    Hey hey! I'd like to know who here plays Robocraft and what Tier they are in. Site: Played through Steam. It's a free to play game where you build a robot and fight other players with 3 (tomorrow, Oct 8th a 4th weapon and a new movement cube) weapons, Plasma...
  4. DemonSword

    Signatures are limited?

    Hey, I was trying to add a link to my spoiler button in my signature but I couldn't fit the link but got "post is longer then limits" error. :x Can someone explain why it's been downsized? I'd like to show who's posts I support. D:
  5. DemonSword

    Dem's Summon ideas!

    (revamped version of my old suggestion of old forums) You know, we have very few summons compared to the other classes, and it hurts that Summoning is by far the hardest class to do well, anything! Just to start and by the end, it's nearly impossible unless you stashed millions of traps...
  6. DemonSword

    PC Zeh Demon lives again!

    Hello friendlies and all of the previous Terraria forums, I am Demonsword! Just your state of the art gamer who plays like he plays no more! I play games for a living, Terraria, Minecraft, Starcraft, yooou name it! Purple is my color, for I like it! Disgaea series is my forefront game...
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