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  1. SpectreFKD

    Official Behind the scenes of Journey's End - A Q&A with the Programmers and Artists of Terraria

    What were the biggest roadblocks you encountered over the course of programming terraria? (For the programmers) What were the trickiest enemies/objects to design, personally (For the artists) And to both, what were your favourite features/designs that you implemented (Favourite mechanic...
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    Not sure if you're aware- but the solar worm only aggros on you if you're airborne
  3. SpectreFKD

    PC 1.4 vanity contest winning sets, where are they?

    They're not implemented yet. They're coming in the next small patch if I recall
  4. SpectreFKD

    PC a 2nd set of attacks or a special ability for monsters

    More attack variety away from the generic "fighter" AI would be nice. I like the premise
  5. SpectreFKD

    Change 'this is not valid housing' message

    An excellent QoL change that I feel is needed. May be worth throwing in "this housing is too small" message too, as I think it says "not valid housing" in that situation, as well. But yeah, this would solve most freak-outs I have as to why my housing doesn't work haha. I support this :)
  6. SpectreFKD

    Cross-Platform Pokémon

    Ooooh I gotcha haha, cheers for the insight- didn't realise it wasn't possible
  7. SpectreFKD

    Cross-Platform Pokémon

    What do you mean it's illegal haha?
  8. SpectreFKD

    Cross-Platform Pokémon

    I was unaware of this- What happens if you try (you could do it if you have 2 Kyurems, no?)
  9. SpectreFKD

    Cross-Platform Pokémon

    It's unfortunate that they have to meet this global release / quote now, meaning they can't put as much heart and soul into it as they'd like due to their "time constraints". I personally feel they should do bi-yearly releases, at least... BW & BW2 in my opinion were the absolute peak. They were...
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    Cross-Platform Pokémon

    From what other people have said, the models are no different in LG: P/E compared to the 3DS; that they're the same high-res models, just scaled down for the 3DS, implying that they already exist. Granted, one of GAME FREAK did indicate that with the new tech they could "be a lot more...
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    Cross-Platform Pokémon

    Whilst it's nice to play with new ones of the game, I feel this decision to not include it will hurt them a lot more than they anticipate.
  12. SpectreFKD

    WIP The Cosmic Cataclysm: A take on post Moon Lord Boss Rush content

    Love this! Whilst I love the fact that ML is the final boss, I do appreciate having a stream of superbosses to use my top-tier weapons on, as otherwise there's nothing more to fight, really Supported! :)
  13. SpectreFKD

    Official Terraria's 8th Anniversary - Ask Redigit and Cenx!

    Is there a plan for an embedded storyline / lore? If so, will it be coherent (very direct to follow), or more fragmented, as in "bits" of lore scattered about, leaving it to the player to figure out for themself?
  14. SpectreFKD

    PC Add Hotkey Binding options to toggle build features

    I'm not a huge builder, but I can certainly see why this would be useful. Support!
  15. SpectreFKD

    Tin-Foil Hat

    I like this! Only thing I think you should add to your suggestion is a tooltip for the item, like "keeps your conspiracy theories fresh!" ;)
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  17. SpectreFKD

    Foraging NPC

    This would be handy for boring-:red: tasks! Just a quick thing- would it be just naturally generated stuff? (Like I couldn't hire them to get me celestial fragments or something later in the game) In addition- are they tier locked? I.e. can't get Demonite until you've mined some? Or alternatively...
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    This upsets me too, tbh- I love trying to meme with Ariados (Fell Stinger ftw?), but I'm always...

    This upsets me too, tbh- I love trying to meme with Ariados (Fell Stinger ftw?), but I'm always getting outsped and having to resort to shadow sneak, meaning I can't get the ridiculous attack boost :(
  19. SpectreFKD

    Gosh, I have REALLY been ghosting these forums for a while, reading stuff with nothing to say

    Gosh, I have REALLY been ghosting these forums for a while, reading stuff with nothing to say
  20. SpectreFKD

    Terraria: Otherworld This is the End: Otherworld Development Cancelled

    There's been certainly more than one good patch- this is coming from someone who's been playing since release; Update 1.1 was a phenomenal game changer, it doubled the content in game Update 1.2 pretty much doubled that, and was much anticipated, given that the game was "done" prior to this...
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