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    not sure if this goes here.. but I had this error (in attached files)
  2. OrangePenguinz

    Standalone [1.3] tModLoader - A Modding API

    "you are not using the same version as the server" all my mods are updated as long as the latest version of Terraria and TModLoader
  3. OrangePenguinz


    oh ok, sorry
  4. OrangePenguinz

    tModLoader how do you get files from terraria?

    Um, I can't find what I'm looking for :v Where do I look? I'm looking for a Slime AI or something
  5. OrangePenguinz

    Sans Mod request

    Sounds like a fun mod. Good luck, keep going.
  6. OrangePenguinz

    PC Mod Suggestions

    maybe hero's mod? not too sure, but you should check it out
  7. OrangePenguinz


    As a person with low resolution, I would like to see a button of some sort, that can zoom out instead of zoom in, because it's really hard to see what bosses i'm fighting, for example, duke fishron, or for mods, devourer of gods in the calamity mod. thank you.
  8. OrangePenguinz

    Green Gauntlet Mod! (need Coders and Spriters!) (I Will be the one making up the ideas.)

    This is cool and all, but shouldn't you at least help make the sprites or anything? Honestly, sounds a little lazy... But I would gladly help :pinky:
  9. OrangePenguinz

    tModLoader how do you get files from terraria?

    Is there a way to grab code from vanilla Terraria and import it into tmodloader? really curious
  10. OrangePenguinz

    Tell me your most luckiest moments in Terraria

    I just got a Beam Sword on the first Armored Skeleton I killed
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