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  1. MrD108

    Hive Pack needs to be upgraded

    The Hive Pack is basically useless, although it is an accessory from Expert Mode. Its functionality is limited to only one set of items and only at a certain stage of the game, unlike other expert accessories that can be used throughout the game. Should get a rework just like Brain of Confusion...
  2. MrD108

    PC Prefix translations not working

    I play the Polish language version and I managed to create a weapon with the prefix "Light". Only it was literally spelled "Light", although previously it was usually transtranslated "Lekki".
  3. MrD108

    Working as Designed The appearance of beings on the border of the world.

    I built a sea city on the garnica of the world to avoid corruption (I got a fatal seed). However, when you are on the right side of the screen (the camera does not move anymore), gulls and zombies (at night) appear on the screen like this (better visible when building a city at night).
  4. MrD108

    Working as Designed Achievement problem

    There are many new achievements to the game, but they will not appear in your inventory for the next suggested achievement.
  5. MrD108

    Working as Designed Location of Mimic in the bestiary

    Having the Mimic entry in the bestiary, as the place of occurrence, it only indicates the caves, which corresponds to the Golden Mimics (the one in their picture), but completely ignores their occurrence in hell (Shadow Mimic) and on the surface (Wooden Mimic).
  6. MrD108

    PC NPC happiness problems

    I have a Zoologist in the woods, she is happy and has a reduced price modifier. I went to the desert specifically to find the Golfer and took him to the cabin next to the Zoologist. However, the prices at Zoologist did not change and the pylon was not offered. For the test, I moved Zoologist...
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