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  1. Solo-Ion

    tModLoader Double Player Example

    Ever wanted to pilot an armed drone and take down your enemies from afar? Well, with this mod and an XBOX 360 controller, you can. Plug in two XBOX 360 controllers, craft the item 'Drone Controller' from Iron and Wire at a work bench, equip it to an accessory slot and you're ready to take down...
  2. Solo-Ion

    tModLoader Hotbar Swapper

    Here's a little mod that I put together in less than a week. It allows you to quickly swap items between the top and second row of your inventory. You can swap the entire row by pressing Caps Lock, or swap individual items by double tapping the corresponding number. The button for swapping the...
  3. Solo-Ion

    PC Quick HotBar Swap

    Is it just me, or does 10 hotbar slots never seem like quite enough? There's been many suggestions to add extra hotbar shortcuts, but people often cut these down as being unnecessary. I think I have a more streamlined solution. With a single button press, I'd like to be able to swop the entire...
  4. Solo-Ion

    tModLoader Terrarian Dreamkeepers

    Requires tModloader, which can be found through Steam, or can be found here. Now updated to See attachment at bottom of post. This is a Terrarian mod that adds several playable characters from the Dreamkeepers graphic novel series by Dave and Liz Lillie. This mod is built and compiled...
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