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  1. ChefFish

    Terraria Comic Book from DC Comics is Here!

    Looks pretty cool. Any plans for a digital version?
  2. ChefFish

    Terraria: Otherworld Terraria: Otherworld Staffs Up!

    It is becoming difficult to stave off my anticipation of this game..;)
  3. ChefFish

    PC Good. Bad. I'm the Guy with the YoYo: The Terraria 1.3 Official Trailer

    Wow. So much to take in. This is going to be awesome!
  4. ChefFish

    Console The Frost Moon Is Coming...

    Actually just got my first one yesterday after countless hours in the dungeons. Will definitely be using that.
  5. ChefFish

    Console Something odd about the console version and hit detection...

    I've been in a similar situation with one of my first pumpkin moon arenas i made. I used lava and spiky ball traps. When I used the vamp knives it seemed like the enemies were taking too long to die. I think I saw on the wiki that using constant damage sources like nimbus rod or lava can...
  6. ChefFish

    Console The Frost Moon Is Coming...

    The only thing for this loadout that is from the pumpkin moon is the horseman's blade. So you could switch it out with the Terra blade if you have that. Or just use the vamp knives and scourge of the corruptor.
  7. ChefFish

    Console The Frost Moon Is Coming...

    I'd like to try out the horseman's blade farm sometime. Haven't got around to it yet.
  8. ChefFish

    Console The Frost Moon Is Coming...

    The frost moon is coming to console soon. That's great news. I've been thinking about how to prepare. I already have an arena set up with spiky ball traps, campfires and heart lanterns so that is done. I was thinking this for my set up. Armor: Either full turtle armor or chlorophyte mask...
  9. ChefFish

    Console The Frost Moon is Rising on Console!

    This is great news! Thanks 505!
  10. ChefFish

    Console An Early Console Christmas - Fixes & More

    Awesome! Now I can build my festive village in the snow biome!:)
  11. ChefFish

    Which one is better?

    I go for the turtle armor. If you use that with godly vampire knives and accessories reforged to menacing you can literally stand on a platform above the mobs and kill, kill, kill. The extra damage from the accessories with the life steal from the knives will allow you to stay alive till the...
  12. ChefFish

    Official 2014 Halloween Contest Winners Announcement

    Wow thanks to the team for choosing my build! I had so much fun creating it. Congrats to all of the other winners as well. There were so may great entries.
  13. ChefFish

    Official 2014 ReLogic Terraria Halloween Contest Entry Thread

    Platform: Console (PS Vita) My inspiration/theme is a spooky costume party in a corrupted mansion. I had a lot of fun making this, and I wish everyone who entered the best of luck!! Here is the spooky mansion, complete with lava torture chamber underneath. And also the map view. Happy...
  14. ChefFish

    Console Hello Everyone!

    Hi all! Been lurking for a couple days and decided yo sign up. I love Terraria and play almost everyday. Currently I play on vita but I'm working on a PC build I hope to have done soon so I can join the big leagues. Until then hit me up on psn if you want to game. Id: jrfish
  15. ChefFish

    Console Play Station Network Usernames

    Psn: jrfish I'm usually playing on vita in the afternoon most days U.S. eastern time. Currently I'm working on pumpkin moons. I can get to wave 13 by myself. Would like to have some friends to get the whole way through.
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