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  1. leechheart

    Are there any walls that fit well with Coralstone Block?

    Sorry if this is the wrong thread. I'm making an ocean build out of coralstone & palm wood. It look good so far, but I wish there was a wall that would match the coral parts of the build
  2. leechheart

    Full Year

    I haven't logged onto this website since April last year and apparently today is my 1 year anniversary so that's cool.
  3. leechheart

    True Terra Blade

    You wanna know what really bugs me? That a sword that's based off of a terrible meme that died in 2012 has better stats than the blade that represents the whole game. So, I propose that the blade that represents the whole game gets a true form similar to the Night's Edge, the former sword that...
  4. leechheart

    Rest in Peace

    'Tis a shame to see a game with so much potential go down the hole. I for one was very excited for TOW but unfortunately it had to end. Press F if you agree Hopefully Re-Logic, 505, and Pipeworks can get back together in the future to make another great game, however that will not be for a...
  5. leechheart

    Lihzahrdian Devotes and more

    The Jungle temple is a mystery throughout most of the game, and accessing it is one of the most exiting things for a player, or me, at least. However, the enemy selection is very lacking. There are only 3 enemies in the temple, and one of those is the Golem. And while Flying Snakes and...
  6. leechheart

    New armor sets for P-plantera events

    My month-long ban from the Suggestions is over! Here is my first suggestion since my ban: new post armor sets. Right now, there are 4 Events that are significant in game advancement (not required, but helpful) after Plantera is defeated. Those are the Frost Moon, Pumpkin Moon, Solar Eclipse...
  7. leechheart

    Xbox One How to cloud save Xbox One worlds

    So I've found an issue. Me and a friend are trying to play a new pvp map I made (on split screen) but the deal is that the game saves everytime one of us dies. The problem is that we like to replay this world, but if we take all of the items from the chests then we have to refill all of them...
  8. leechheart

    Exitium Mod

    This has been cancelled. I may continue this project in the future but it will be a while -Many things that I have suggested in the past (including the bees) -16 new bosses; 7 pre-hardmode, 6 hardmode and 13 post moon-lord, and with more in future updates SAND SWIMMER GREAT OLD ONE GLOWING...
  9. leechheart

    How to determine which class is right for you

    Many players don't know what class they want to be in, or which one is best for themselves. This guide will be a brief way to determine which class is best for you. Luckily you really don't need to choose a class until hardmode. The 4 major classes, melee/tank, ranger, mage, and summoner vary...
  10. leechheart

    Favorite Terraria Critter?

    I'm not sure whether this has been posted or not, but oh well. Which terraria critter is your favorite? This means any passive NPC that can be caught with the Bug Net. (This includes the Enchanted Nightcrawler which must be manually spawned). Mine would for sure be Grubby. It's just so gosh...
  11. leechheart

    Buff the Gravity Globe

    After beating Moon Lord Expert mode, which is one of the hardest things in the vanilla game, you are rewarded with two expert-only items: The best Light Pet, the suspicious looking eye, which is kinda outdated when you get it, but it's really just to show that you beat him, and the other being...
  12. leechheart

    More wood armor/weapon options

    I've just thought that there should be more wooden armor options, like just maybe some minor class-specific stuff, for early game. Here is a small list: Armors (none have actual names just placeholders)
  13. leechheart

    More Shields!

    As a summoner, I find the Shield accesories very useful, however I feel there should be one for each class: Beetle Shield: Combination of Hercules Beetle and Cobalt Shield 1 defense +15% minion damage Grants immunity to knockback and increases minion knockback Celestial Shield: Combination of...
  14. leechheart

    Any challenges/things to do post-moon lord?

    After completing my second playthrough of Terraria, I've kinda lost motivation to do anything with the game now. Is there anything to do now (e.g, speedruns, beating a boss with UP gear, ect) because I love this game and don't want to stop playing.
  15. leechheart

    Crafting a Martian Saucer summon

    Honestly, the Martian Saucer should have a summon. Considering that the boss is about as hard as Duke Fishron and has its own drops, but it can only be summoned in its event makes no sense to me. It's almost like if Moon Lord was only summonable at the conclusion of the Lunar Events without the...
  16. leechheart

    Save the Sentries!

    In 1.3.4, they added the most stupid mechanic in the game, which is having a Sentry Capacity. This is stupid, because now a summoner needs to have all of their equipment COMPLETELY DEVOTED TO SENTRIES just in order to be able to summon barely more than originally. This is the most stupid game...
  17. leechheart

    Upgrading the Blizzard

    I think the Blizzard needs more enemies and items, considering that the Sandstorm (it's alternative), has way more variety. I've proposed the following enemies, effects, and weapons. Enemies: Pine Stubbler: Blizzard Version of the Angry Tumbler. Would have slightly different stats Snowman...
  18. leechheart

    Crafting the Golem Summon

    I've created a new character recently, and have been doing a new playthrough, and I've noticed a couple of things. As a Melee character, I need the Destroyer Emblem (I've been living off of the Putrid Scent for too long), but the problem is that Golem's summon is really hard to obtain, either...
  19. leechheart

    The Optic, Slime Rancher, and The Martian - New Town NPC ideas

    I think one thing that terraria has needed for a while is more NPCs. In 1.3 onwards, there has only been 3 new NPCs. So, I've proposed the following new town NPCs; Black Lens (when the Optic Staff is in your Inventory): 10 gold Eye of Cthulhu badge: 15 gold (hardmode). The Eye of Cthulhu badge...
  20. leechheart

    How to pronounce Wyvern

    I just got in an argument with a friend about how to pronounce Wyvern, so I just want to know how it is pronounced: why-vern OR wih-vern I just want to win this argument because I bet money on this.
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