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  1. MitBoy

    PC Inability to change hotkey for chat makes game barely playable

    Since I'm using Arrow key set up (which would be the most common one for left handed players), inability to change it not only remove easilly accesible button from binding, but accidentally pressing during the game may easilly result in character's death. Since now the chat exists in single...
  2. MitBoy

    Falling snow from snow blocks.

    Amount of snow blocks for falling snow to appear should be increased. I always use snow blocks\bricks as white color for pixel art, and I have to deal with falling snow because of that. It's pretty annoying and unncesarry to fave falling snow animation just becasue of few snow blocks.
  3. MitBoy

    The Grand Constructor

    Now that we have special buttons for turning things such ruler or paint sprayer off, I don't see reason why building items should be separated. The Grand Constructor: (I'm bad at spriting, so I just repainted Gizmo pack) Craft: Guide to plant Fiber Corbage Ruler Toolbelt Mechanical ruler...
  4. MitBoy

    Too many "zombie" enemies.

    By zombie I mean: Has AU of zombie Resembles zombie (in a sense of size and anatomy) My problem is that in late game we have too many zombie enemies in different late game events. We expect them to be more interesting, but at the end, there are same "zombie" mobs, just redesigned. I will look...
  5. MitBoy

    Molten, Ice and Martian armor.

    Okay is anyone even make Molten armor? It's probably one of the most useless armors in the game. I think, I should give you + 10% to any kind of damage. Less, than coolest prehardmode stuff, but extra defence, and also good thing to people who likes to use weapons from different classes...
  6. MitBoy

    [Kinda sprites] 10 more endagme items from Pillars

    Okay, what about about more stuff with fragments. Here I made one about building, but... I think it's not enough. So let's make some more! Also If you think it's unbalanced, you could add extra 5 luminite bars for each recipe. Twirl net "You are too old to play with bugs! Unless you are...
  7. MitBoy

    Your favorite Pillar?

    In the title. It's about not difficulty, but style of pillars. My favorite - Vortex. It seems the most understandable of all. An alien race, that has very strong symbiosis with bugs (and, maybe Vortexians are bugs), but uses high-tech equpment at the same time! Super cool. Then Solar - Solar...
  8. MitBoy

    Pick good blocks for pixel art?

    So, there's some kind of color sheet, but doesn't really help. First I wanted to download omnitool (just to see which blocks it will use), but convert image into map doesn't work for some reason. So is there some kind of online thing or tool to do that? Paints probably won't work, since there's...
  9. MitBoy

    5 Endgame building tools (sprites)

    On interview, Red said that there will be creative mode. But...why? Why jut not add tools that will help you with building, and, for balance, make then endgame? So here's few things, that should help to turn endgame in real creative mode Vortex wrench "a true gem of Vortex technology" Craft...
  10. MitBoy

    Drawings & Paintings Mit boy's art

    Im starting to draw, so I decided to try Terraria. Here's my character. Actually, it's a an R63 version, since I don't like how woman look like in Terraria. Basically, purple Vortex armor and hiteck glasses with shadow flame dye. Sadly, we can't paint wapons in game. But we can color them in art!
  11. MitBoy

    How your inventory look like?

    I saw thread about character, but not inventory. What kind of stuff you like to carry around? What do you prefer to keep in piggy bank?
  12. MitBoy

    What is your opinion about Drill Mount?

    I haven't crafted it, but I think it kinda... suck? Seriously, give me a reason why I should waste 40 luminite and 120 chlorophyte bars on rocket launcher that can't even destroy walls? Personally, I use shroomite digging claw for fast mining, laser drill for accurate mining and I have rocket...
  13. MitBoy

    PC [Kinda sprites] Expert item for every single boss

    Here I made suggestion about having two extra items for mechanical bosses in expert mode. But someone somewhere said that every single thing that has trophie should drop something unique in expert mode. I really dislike that there's SO MANY accessories, so all of my stuff is not equipables. I'm...
  14. MitBoy

    Tool that works as actuator

    Very often I use deactivated blocks as pillars\door, but I have to use wires, actuators, switches... I want a simple tool.
  15. MitBoy

    Two extra expert items for mech bosses

    Personally, I love mechanical minecart and I think it's a good reward for 3 bosses. But some people disagree, so there's two extra Items. First, Destroyer will drop the minecar and minecart pieces should be scrapped. Twins drop mechanical miner's hat - it gives you 15 defence, which could be...
  16. MitBoy

    Lunar workbench

    Type: Furniture Craft: 40 Luminite bars and wooden workbench. Allows you to craft everything. I think it's simple enough. Also, little siggestion. We have all these "insert celestial pilllar name" pickaxes and hammaxes for no real reason. I think these tools should do different kind of damage...
  17. MitBoy

    Defeating Moon lord should have some real impact on the world

    All what he do right now is drop final tier of equipment that gives you + extra 3% of awesomness and several toys. Dn't get me wrong, it's a good reward, but for final boss? I think by defeating him you prove that you are ruler of this world, which should give your something more. My Idea...
  18. MitBoy

    Rainbow\Pink living fire blocks

    Made with pink\rainbow torches and living fire blocks.
  19. MitBoy

    Vanity slot for hook and light pet

    Title says all.
  20. MitBoy

    Biome detector

    We all know the main problem with clentaminator, right? If you will miss a single crim\pearl\ebo block, it will spread biome again. So I suggest an accessory - biome detector. It will tell you if there's any blocks that could spread biomes around. Probably should be bought from steampanker and...
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