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  1. Doctor Moonbad

    tModLoader [Remake] The Legend of Grazodia

    Hey everyone, do you remember Grazodia? Well, if you don't that's not a problem, you are welcome here too, so, Hi, I'm Doctor Moonbad, and I'm not really a doctor. Grazodia was the first mod I tried to make a long time ago, when my English was really bad and my Pixel Skills were worse than my...
  2. Doctor Moonbad

    tModLoader Modular, a Tinker's Construct-ish mod for Terraria

    Hi there, I'm Doctor Moonbad, and I'm not really a doctor. This is Modular's Work-In-Progress page. Here you can find information about the mod and discuss, well, everything about it. Feel free to make suggestions and criticize all you want, and I'll eventually answer everything. So, what's...
  3. Doctor Moonbad

    tModLoader D-MODE: A lightweight RPG Mod

    Welcome to D-MODE's official released thread! Here you can check out what the D-MODE mod is all about and how to play it. Consider this as a mini-wiki. Please also note that the mod is still in it's Beta version, which means that it is playable and compatible with most Mods out there, but bugs...
  4. Doctor Moonbad

    tModLoader [WIP] DMode Mod

    ATTENTION: THIS IS DMODE'S OLD PAGE. ALL THE INFORMATION HERE PRESENT WON'T BE UPDATED ANYMORE SO ... please go to the newer page where (usually) everything is nice and clean: D-MODE: A lightweight RPG Mod D-MODE is a TModLoader mod that increments RPG elements into Terraria. The newest...
  5. Doctor Moonbad

    PC Direct3D Graphics Card problem after installing stand-alone Direct3D .DLLs

    I was trying to get some missing .DLLs to play Dark Souls 3 on PC, the game was running and fine before, but after installing the DLLs the game says this famous error: If someone can help me with this, it would be awesome.
  6. Doctor Moonbad

    tModLoader U.V.S. Mod / By [ZUPA]-AngelVitor

    First, welcome to my new Mod: [W.I.P] The U.V.S Mod: This mod adds up a Slow Leveling system, based on 17 stats! (Before it was 4.): Strength : Increase melee damage output by 0.2% for each point. Wisdom: Decrease mana cost of magical items by 0.1% for each point. Intelligence: Increase magic...
  7. Doctor Moonbad

    tModLoader [v0.7]GMod:The Grazodia mod! Boss Update!

    Hi, this was the last thread about Grazodia that I did back then, so it probably contains horrible English all over the place. Please notice that the mod is not being updated anymore, but can return in the future. But don't be sad. You can check my other mods, D-Mode and Modular (WIP). GMod...
  8. Doctor Moonbad

    tModLoader Updated v0.7 GrazodiaMod (GMod)

    Hi, this is a very old thread, right on the time I was just getting started with TModLoader. Many things you will see here have horrible grammar. Also, this mod is not in development anymore, but it can maybe return in the future. CHECK THE UPDATED FORUM:tModLoader - [v0.7]GMod:The Grazodia...
  9. Doctor Moonbad

    tModLoader GMod!

    GMod, The Grazodia Mod, for tmodloader v0.6 CHECK THE UPDATED FORUM: First, thanks to Raii Ichi with the help. This mod adds Weapons based on useless items, like silt,slush and even grass. Now, this cod...
  10. Doctor Moonbad

    tModLoader GMod (Problematic)

    Hi, this is a very old thread of mine, and It probably contains horrible English. This mod isn't being updated at the moment, but it may in the future. GMod: Transform trash into super powerful weapons! First, thanks to : Raii Ichi. The mod adds more combat funtion to Dirt,Silt,Slush,Stone...
  11. Doctor Moonbad

    PC Terraria textures for mods

    [Content Destroyed due to intense levels of shame]
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