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  1. Lukas04

    tModLoader Zocklukas' Mod

    This mod is dead,dont even try to revive it. Only thing i maybe do is updating it to never versions of Terraria,not more. Zocklukas' Mod Hello, this is a small mod that I created, I hope you enjoy. It has 1 Ores 41 Items 3 Tiles 4 Buffs 3 Potions 1 Town NPC Content Manasteel Manasteel is...
  2. Lukas04

    tModLoader Stats Config

    Stats Config These mod lets you change the Game Stats over an Config File How To Use The File is Located in: C:\Users\%USERNAME%\Documents\My Games\Terraria\ModLoader\Mod Configs 1th. Download the Mod 2th. Enable the Mod and reload 3th. go to the Location of the File 4th. open the...
  3. Lukas04

    tModLoader The Twilight Forest Mod

    The Twilight Forest Mod These mod adds an Biome and some sets of Items to Terraria These mod haves nothing todo with the Minecraft Twilight Forest Mod,i only liked the name for the Biome :) Content More Content Spoiler wil be added later Dev Team @Zocklukas (Coder) @VoxelFox (Spriter,My...
  4. Lukas04

    Bug at "Likes You've Given" Page

    Some parts of these site are Transparent at me: Like so But normaly it should be so (Likes Recived Page as Example)
  5. Lukas04

    Sprites Crystal Armor

    Crystal Armor Introduction Sorry for Bad Grammar Hello,im Zocklukas These is the First Suggestion i make So Please give me tips how to Improve my Suggestions :) Suggestion General Information The Crystal Armor is Balanced after Mythril Armor Crystal Armor haves the rarity : Crystal...
  6. Lukas04

    tModLoader Lighthack/Fullbright Cheat Sheet + HERO's Mod Extensions

    Lighthack Extension These Mod is an Extension to Cheat sheet and Heros Mod It adds an Simple Button,that makes the Lightning of everytile on Maximum Gifs Future Additions Different Amount Of Light Mode for just highering Light and not making everything Light Making an Button to set an...
  7. Lukas04

    tModLoader The Zynidium Mod

    The Mod development got switched to a Discord Server under a new mod name Click here to join the Discord
  8. Lukas04

    tModLoader Zocklukas Coding help Thread

    Hello! These is an Thread for some Coding help If you have any Questions for Codes or get Errors post them Here With the Time i add more Help for Specific Items [/SPOILER] If you want an Video Tutorial you can look in our Tutorial Playlist on Youtube...
  9. Lukas04

    tModLoader Need help at some Modding things

    I have some Qeestions and i post theme here C: it whould be nice if you make an Code Example for the Part where the Question is C: Questions with an * are Currently important for me C: Shuriken Effect * How do i add an Dust Particle and an Sound if an Projectile Hits an Wall? An Code Example...
  10. Lukas04

    tModLoader Potion Code?

    I want to make a Mod About Potions but,I Curently dont know how to Code a Potion and i dont find an Buff Potion in the Example Mod So can anyone tell me how to make a Potion/Consumable that gives an Buff?
  11. Lukas04

    tModLoader Chance to not Consume Ammo?

    How do i add a Chance to not Consume ammo to an Weapon and an Armor/Accessoir?
  12. Lukas04

    tModLoader How to Overide Vannila Items?

    I want to know how to Overite/Change Vannila Items Example: Changing Copper Sword Damage to 10 etc
  13. Lukas04

    tModLoader Zocklukas Mods

    I stoped Working on these Mods! I dont continue updating these Mods Theyre my First mods and dont have much Quality If you want to see my Future Development,look at these Mod Possible,i add some items of my Old Mod Items to...
  14. Lukas04

    tModLoader MinersExtra

    Miners Extra Miners Extra is an Mod that adds some PreHardmode Mining Accessoires Content Miners Workbench Used to Craft Some Mod Items Recipe:at Anvils 10 Gold Bars + 30 Wood Band of Mining 25% Increased Mining Power Recipe:at Miners Workbench 5 Gold...
  15. Lukas04

    tModLoader Band of Regeneration Code

    HI I want to make an Item whats Combinded with the Band of Regeneration But i dont know how to add the Life Regen 0.5 Life Regen to the Item Can anyone help me ? C:
  16. Lukas04

    tModLoader PreHardmodeWings

    PreHardmodeWings PreHardmodeWings is a Mod that adds 11 Wings to the Game They all are getable before Hardmode Content Wing Skelett The Basic Crafting Item Recipe:at Anvil 10 Iron/Lead Bars + 50 Stone Blocks Tree Leaves Wings 10 Tiles + 1.1 Speed Multi Recipe:at Anvil Wing...
  17. Lukas04

    tModLoader item. and player.

    Haves anyone a list of all player. or item. codes? Like item.defense etc Im new to Modding and it whould helps alot C:
  18. Lukas04

    tModLoader Sword Of Cthulhu

    Sword of Cthulhu Sword of Cthulhu adds some OP Items to Terraria there are all Post Moon Lord They are Powerful but not to OP! Content Sword of Cthulhu adds Currently 3 Post-Moon Lord Items Sword of Cthulhu: 450 DMG | Shoots a Projektlile | 8 Usetime Recipe:at Ancient Manipulator 1...
  19. Lukas04

    tAPI Zocklukas tAPI Modpack (tAPI r14)

    Nope,here isnt is Something more
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