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  1. M015TY B0Y

    tAPI Tapi keeps crashing to desktop when i save my world

    tAPI is freaking out and crashing loads, I have around 12 logs with 3-10 walls of text in each and it is mostly only this crash, the only one rustling my jimmies... the crash report: This has been happening whenever I play for about 1 hour without saving, it saves the world but it closes tAPI to...
  2. M015TY B0Y

    What jokes don't make sense to you?

    This is a thread where people come to ask "I came across this joke and i have no idea what it means or where it came from, can somebody explain?, because I'm to lazy to look it up...". So I'm going to start us off... What is the deal with air-- with people saying "blame Omnir", I've come across...
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