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  1. Pixelnando

    PC Could not load file or assembly 'Microsoft.Xna.Framework.dll' or one of its dependencies.

    This issue has happened to my friend and with many more people ever since 2018, but since last year and the release of 1.4, more and more have been having this problem - either knowingly or not. They will try to open Terraria from Steam, which will say the game is "running" for about 4 seconds...
  2. Pixelnando

    tModLoader Calamity Mod PT-BR Translation

    Este mod fornece uma tradução não-oficial do Calamity Mod para o Português Brasileiro. / This mod offers a unofficial translation for Calamity Mod to Brazilian Portuguese. Descrição em português: (Portuguese description) --------------------------------------------------------------------------...
  3. Pixelnando

    PC Terraria silently crashes on start-up

    Hello! My friend has not been able to play Terraria since version 1.4 released. tModLoader works just fine, and it's in Upon opening Terraria, Steam will detect the game as "Running", but after about 4 seconds, it returns to normal, with nothing happening at all. After opening...
  4. Pixelnando

    tModLoader Friday Night Funkin' Costumes Mod

    This mod adds costumes for characters from Friday Night Funkin', a game made by ninjamuffin99 (and some characters from community-made mods too) to Terraria, and some extra weapons too. What does the mod add? (Note that the items currently do not have recipes. You must use Cheat Sheet or...
  5. Pixelnando

    Texture Pack Terraria Manhunt - Dream Team Texture Pack

    Do you like Dream Team? And do you like Terraria? If your answer is "yes" to both, then this pack is for you! This texturepack replaces some of the vanities ingame to fit some of the Dream Team members. You can download this pack below or subscribe to it on the Steam Workshop. Costumes...
  6. Pixelnando

    Bonk Sound Effect

    CHECK: PC - The Bonk Pack Since the creator of the video made his own texture pack, this one is basically useless now. Go download his! Why did i even make this i have never ever played TF2 (this mod replaces the generic enemy hit sound with scout saying "bonk")
  7. Pixelnando

    PC Localization errors for PT-BR

    The Brazillian Portuguese translation for Terraria is great, but if you decide to stop and look around in some of the translations, various errors/inconsistencies can be found. Some of these errors have been here ever since the addition of professional translations, and haven't been fixed yet...
  8. Pixelnando

    **REPORTED** Incorrect major PT-BR translations to fix in 1.4.1

    Hello! Tuesday I posted a thread indicating an incorrect translation of the Molten Fury and Fiery Greatsword. Since then I noticed the quantity of major errors present in the PT-BR translation, and oh boy were there more than I expected. So, for a better experience for all players that speak...
  9. Pixelnando

    **REPORTED** Incorrect PT-BR translation of Molten Fury and Fiery Greatsword

    Hello, me and some other people were translating the Official Terraria Wiki into Portuguese and noticed that the Molten Fury is incorrectly named "Minério de Ferro" (which actually means "Iron Ore") and also that the Fiery Greatsword had the correct Molten Fury's translation, "Fúria Derretida"...
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