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  1. Enderwither02

    Pokemon Battle "Simulator" (Forum Game)

    You've reached an unknown location within the Pokémon universe, and all you have re a single Pokémon and an (almost) infinite amount of possibilities! RULES & NOTES: The basic forum rules obviously apply here. All Pokémon are locked to Level 50. Anything that evolves through levelling up...
  2. Enderwither02

    Story The Legend of Yin and Yang

    Alright, so this is my very first (and probably my last) story that I'm posting up here. The chapters vary in length, but I'll make sure to hook them all together. Without further ado, here's the prologue! Wither was a skilled warrior. He was drawn into a major conflict between the Hallow and...
  3. Enderwither02

    Console Strange "Shadow Heart" Glitch

    I don't usually end up discovering glitches, but I managed to today - I was in a Crimson World, collecting Ichor underground, when I came across this: As a test, I broke two regular Crimson Hearts, then the Shadow Orb portion of whatever this is, and this happened: The Eater of Worlds...
  4. Enderwither02

    Xbox 360 Efficient Solar Eclipse/Blood Moon AFK Farm

    Hello, fellow Terrarians! I'm sure some of you are sick of being killed by eclipses and blood moons by now (if you are not heavily advanced, of course), but not to worry - I have a solution! First, you'll need: -A whole lot of wires -A 1 Second Timer -Any Wrench -Wire Cutters (in case you mess...
  5. Enderwither02

    Xbox 360 Interesting visual glitch when opening the map

    I noticed that rarely, if you open the map while swinging a broadsword, the broadsword will rise up off the screen, and disappear. Closing the map fixes this, and it doesn't seem to have a major effect. Tested with Excalibur.
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