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  1. 505 Games Support

    Console Terraria Console Bugs & Issues Status

    Important Note: We will keep these posts updated as further information comes in from the community and/or development team. Please read the fixed and reported bug lists below before submitting this form to reduce duplicates. Going forward, completing the form will be the best way to report bugs...
  2. 505 Games Support

    Workaround for the "obb" error on Android devices

    We occasionally see this problem reported to us in Support, and wanted to publish this workaround for those who may experience it (you can also find it on our support portal at When you get this error, something has gone wrong in downloading the OBB, and it gets...
  3. 505 Games Support

    An intro from 505 Games Support!

    Hello fellow Terrarians! As many of you have seen in the various threads here on TCF, we’ve been going through some big changes here at 505 Games. The Customer Support team is very excited to announce that in conjunction with the existing staff already here, we’ll be helping you guys out...
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