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    PC Allow running Terraria in the background again.

    A very simple suggestion, I really hope this can be slipped into 1.4.4 because it's super annoying not being able to leave the game AFK (at a farm, or waiting for a blood moon to pass) while I do other stuff on my computer. The only way to do this was clicking the Terraria icon at the bottom to...

    PC Game runs, never opens, then stops.

    It's very simple, when I open Terraria via Steam, most of the time (especially when leaving steam on for a while), I open the game, is says "Running" in steam, nothing opens, then it goes back to "Play", like I never clicked it in the first place. I've tried verifying files, Nothing worked...

    Moss spreads offline and uncontrollably, + Paint and Moss visual Desync

    In Multiplayer, Things such as Moss and Paint are rendering inconsistently. On my side: On their side: This is only fixed when the other player fixes it themselves, or the block is broken and is repainted. This happens with moss as well, I was foolhardy enough to place 1 block of moss to...

    Why Drills are obsolete, and how to fix them.

    hello everyone :) Let's not beat around the bush. Drills, are for the most part, completely redundant and obsolete. Here is why: Drills: Pros: Faster base speed than pickaxes Cons: Shorter range than pickaxes Pickaxes: Pros: Larger range than drills Cons: Slower base speed than drills...

    PC [Multiplayer] Aqua Scepter sound still playing when trying to use the item with no mana.

    The Aqua Scepter will continue playing the "spraying sound" for other players even when the Mana of the user is totally depleted, and no projectile is coming out. (IE: You, the user, cannot hear it, but other players can) Could potentially be annoying. -L0ST

    PC [Question] Is Completing the Bestiary improbable?

    Hey. Just a quick question, from what I understand the bestiary requires 50 of a certain enemy to be defeated in order to display its fill stats in the Bestiary. Does this include absurdly rare/difficult enemies like Nymphs, Dungeon Guardian, Boss Mimics, Rune Wizards etc? Because if so then it...

    The Leaf Wings need a bit more nerfing

    Hello, I hope you're all doing well. The 1.4 added plenty (understatement of the century) of new features, many changes and necessary nerfs, and I think we can all agree that balancing is one of the most important things in game development. Some of the most beneficial nerfs of 1.4 are the...

    Working as Designed Fairies leading to player placed chests/already looted chests

    As the title suggests, fairies are leading to chests that have already been opened and/or looted by players, including chests that players have placed themselves: A pixie just lead me to my own chest that I placed.

    **REPORTED** Unable to throw Sticky Dynamite directly onto block above.

    So I just discovered this bug the hard way, and was clearing out an area only to find out if you grapple onto a block above you and try to throw a sticky dynamite onto the block directly above you, the dynamite doesn't reach and just falls down onto the blocks below. At first I thought this was...
  10. L0ST5ILVER

    Music Silver Ambience

    Greetings! I want to dedicate a thread to showing off my most committed hobby, making ambience music. Not sure if anyone will be interested in this thread, but who knows! Ambience is a passion project of mine that I upload to Youtube and Bandcamp, I've been doing it for over 2 years and there's...
  11. L0ST5ILVER

    [World Generation] Insane World size option.

    Before I start, I'm aware that the idea of large world sizes have been discussed many times in the Terraria community, but with 1.4 on the way it's stated under world generation that the current system will be revamped for 1.4. I read somewhere that the reason bigger world sizes don't exist...
  12. L0ST5ILVER

    Music 2 Years of Ambience. ~

    I spent the last month editing and composing this video, including drawing art work for the "Ambient Section" of the video. :D I hope you stop by and check out the special. :) For those who don't know, I make ambient music of many styles, much of it horror related, so if you like that thing...
  13. L0ST5ILVER

    Banner Slot.

    Good day, everyone! I'm here to suggest yet another a new feature before 1.4 rolls around. I suggest a new equipment slot, The "Banner" Slot. And it works like this: __________________________________________________________________________________ The new Banner slot would appear under the...
  14. L0ST5ILVER

    What if Terraria bosses were Pokémon?

    The game is simple, come up with your most crazy, creative reasons and ideas for what pokémon could replace the roll of a terraria boss! Do multiple examples if you want, one for the closest design and one for the closest in-game function if you want. I'll start with the classic EoC...
  15. L0ST5ILVER

    A New look on Piano Functionality

    Greetings fellow Terrarians! I want to preface this suggestion with; I'm aware this isn't an original idea, however I'm making this thread in more detail than previous suggestions, and in hopes that we can shed light on this small suggestion one last time before 1.4 closes the gate. Let us...
  16. L0ST5ILVER

    Music "Urban" - L0ST5ILVER

    This is a piece that I wrote, played and composed. Let's all take a chill pill, and tell me what you all think, if you have any thoughts. I love answering questions so if you have any, don't be afraid to ask! -L0ST
  17. L0ST5ILVER

    tModLoader I need help regarding the TrueEater mod.

    Before I start I'd like to apologize in advance if this thread isn't in the correct section & or in the wrong format, But by the looks off it, this should be the right area to post. So one day I downloaded this mod known as "TrueEater" It was a mod I downloaded off of the Mod Browser, I was...
  18. L0ST5ILVER

    Greetings, everyone!

    Hello there fellow Terrarians I'm L0ST5ILVER, I've been a member of this forum for around a year, but had been very inactive and not making many posts. I hope to get to know as many of you as possible and see many great announcements and creations by the community! I hope I fit in well here and...
  19. L0ST5ILVER

    PC LAG Spikes.

    Basically, there is nothing to say other than, I used to be able to play Terraria with about 30-50 FPS, now It fluctuates between 1-40 every moment, People refer to these as Lag Spikes, and I'm getting them all the time, like every 3-6 seconds. It's very annoying and I have no idea why it's only...
  20. L0ST5ILVER

    I would like to make a thread, but there isn't a section for it.

    I would care to make a thread on how to get tshock, and if it's possable to get it with steam? Becuase I don't think terraria has mod support yet? Anyway can someone direct me to the correct forum so I can make a new thread in more detail. Cheers. L0st-
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