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  1. Copious Kobolds

    PC Can't update old resource packs.

    None of my resource packs older than August of 2021 can be updated. The publisher simply ignores the workshop.json and uploads it as a new pack, then overwrites workshop.json with the new URL. I have tried replacing the workshop file with the correct one. I have tried making it read-only. I...
  2. Copious Kobolds

    PC Can't update older resource packs. Publisher overwrites workshop file and uploads a new item.

    I have tried replacing the workshop file with the correct one. I have tried making it read-only. I have tried re-uploading the resource pack directly from the workshop. Nothing works; specific items simply cannot be updated. This is critical and time-sensitive. I need to be able to do this.
  3. Copious Kobolds

    PC Major: Players and items do not move up sloped conveyor belts

    Self-Explanatory. Diagonal conveyor belts, as of, do not function at all. Items and players get stuck after moving a fraction of a block. This breaks the majority of contraptions and farms utilizing conveyor belts.
  4. Copious Kobolds

    Angler Furniture is bafflingly rare. Please give him a shop.

    Let's go through some stats. Terrasavr says my current main character has completed 1090 fishing quests since 1.4 dropped. With 1 fishing quest available every 24 minutes, math says that should have taken me 436 hours to accrue. Assuming I play 8 hours a day, That's 54 days, or almost 2 months...
  5. Copious Kobolds

    NPCs near edge of world dying during events

    Whenever certain events occur, certain NPCs near the edges of my world always seem to die. I don't see how they could be dying, considering they're A-Indoors and B-Nowhere near spawning range. As far as I can figure, the game is spawning enemies where it should not. In this example, just after...
  6. Copious Kobolds

    Builders--how do you incorporate functional crafting and storage into semi-realistic builds?

    As a builder, I've noticed a trend with most of my worlds. I build a big storage room in one place and hide my crafting stations in a chest, then any time I want to build something nice I pick a spot elsewhere and build something that can do no more than house a couple NPCs at best. The problem...
  7. Copious Kobolds

    PC I discovered the strangest, most useless glitch in Terraria: an engine activated by mouse hover.

    I thought I'd share a glitch I discovered today. It's quite possibly the most "Why does this even happen" glitch I've ever seen--by activating a weighted pressure plate while standing on a half-block, then also hovering over it with your mouse while holding a block, the pressure plate starts...
  8. Copious Kobolds

    My signature is buggered; can't edit a link on one image without it changing on a bunch of others

    As you can see in my signature, I have a bunch of links to workshop items inside a spoiler. A moment ago, several of them linked to the same thing. When I change the ones that are wrong, any others with the same link change with them. It's like they're inextricably connected. Even deleting a...
  9. Copious Kobolds

    Does anyone use the lasersight mod? Does it actually work for you?

    I downloaded the mod called "Lasersight" thinking it would, like the mod's developer, help me find my cursor when I lose it. But it turns out the mod only works at Terraria's minimum resolution. At anything higher it looks like this, with the laser coming from some random position on screen...
  10. Copious Kobolds

    Below a certain world height, spikes do no damage from the bottom

    In a large world, the transition point is at 2806.
  11. Copious Kobolds

    Enough pretty vanities. Show us your ugliest character.

    After seeing this ham-fleshed monster Technoblade came up with in a stream, I thought it might be fun to see what other horrors the community could transform themselves into. So let's see them! Don your zaniest zoot suit, your one-piece denim coveralls, your suspenders, your crocs, your sandals...
  12. Copious Kobolds

    PC Kobold's Thread of Holding

    Previously, this thread was used to upload images for the Creation Compendium. Now that profile posts support uploads, it's useless except for my Signature.
  13. Copious Kobolds

    Did a bunch of research on golf physics. Looking for a wiki expert to help me present it correctly.

    The wiki's data on golf physics is terribly lacking. To that end, I've made an exhaustive list of each block in Terraria and its effect on golf balls. Turns out there are two major measureable factors: the block's friction when the ball is rolling across it, and the block's effect on a ball...
  14. Copious Kobolds

    PC For those who haven't seen the freak show that is an RGB keyboard during Moon Lord...

    This genuinely freaked me out the first time I saw it. The devs really pulled out all the stops for us 1%.
  15. Copious Kobolds

    PC (Journey Mode) Free universal pylon

    Once Santa Claus unlocks in 5 days. I will have completed the Bestiary. (I could do the Frost Moon again but...nah.) If anyone is having trouble completing the bestiary, hit me up.
  16. Copious Kobolds

    Naturally-generated autumnal tree

    I found this neat giant tree pre-painted with brown paint in a newly generated world. I found it in a Drunk World seed, so I don't know if it's exclusive to secret seeds or if it just appeared there due to Drunk Worlds generating with an abnormally large number of trees. Has anyone seen one in a...
  17. Copious Kobolds

    **REPORTED** Yet another "Monsters are spawning in my base" thread.

    There are no holes in my background wall. It would be incredibly obvious if there were. Any ideas?
  18. Copious Kobolds

    Is there any way to speed up block swapping?

    Even with a fast pickaxe, 3 mining speed buffs, and 2 building speed buffs, block swapping remains stuck at a useless 4 blocks per second. Even pre-hardmode it's faster to mine it all out and replace it. I swear I've block swapped faster before. Is there any way to speed this up?
  19. Copious Kobolds

    PC (Cursed) I used Tedit to make a really shallow world and now my menu background is Hell

    Rational explanation: A world only 500 blocks tall drags the hell background right to the surface. Apparently the main menu saves a lot more than just the sky of the last world you were in. Fun explanation: I played god and lost. No man can save me from the hubris I have sown.
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