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  1. Jaybarb

    My new base

    So i made a base, not impressive i did my entire hard mode base. (trench and all) The tree took like 8 man hours of online designing, removing things (the old NPC complex), building, gathering resources. What I love about it is i built my original house under that tree. i built this tree on...
  2. Jaybarb

    Mac will my world corrupt?

    so im hype for the 1.3.1 update, but I'm wondering. will my character/world or both corrupt from the jump? i've put a lot of time into my world and character and I'm hoping it will be ok. I'm on mac so i cant cloud save i don't think. steam, mac.
  3. Jaybarb

    WIP My house (PC)

    This is a basic house I'm working on, not furnished. what should i use? most if every type of wood is available to me this is like my bare nessecities. the stuff in the bottom can be removed but up top i am going to put a table and chair and move the nurse in. :p but the bottom? what type of...
  4. Jaybarb

    Terraria computer gear?

    maybe like a terraria mouse? i bet you could get a deal with logitech. they have some fancy mice :p and maybe a coffee mug? lol. i drink tea or coffee while playing (I'm 16 and only like once a week. no addiction) anyway. i'd buy it 10/10. also something for giveaways and stuff. like a ticket...
  5. Jaybarb

    Favorite NPC?

    I'd call it a project because I'm finding something out. anyway vote here for your favorite NPC The guide, old man, skeleton merchant, traveling merchant, and Santa claus will be left out some because they aren't permanent and i cant fit all 25. i can only fit 20. so :/ anyway. if santa is your...
  6. Jaybarb

    Show us your gear layout.

    So pretty simple :p take a sectioned screenshot (gyazo or if your computer has an area screenshot function) show us your layout. pre hard mode or hard mode (tell us if pre or hard mode) constructive criticism would probably be good for some. unless they ask don't give please. its an annoyance to...
  7. Jaybarb

    Wall of Flesh Preparing and fighting

    Thought I’d make a fun little thing just cause. I will be all over because its my first guide so help me in comments please It’s for Wall of Flesh fighting. Really easy in normal (haven't tested these strategies in expert.) Anyway. So you're at the point where you've killed The eye of...
  8. Jaybarb

    Resolved How do i link my steam account?

    what the title says :p thanks in advance
  9. Jaybarb

    The world currently

    Im a night owl shoved into an early bird world. im a fast runner in a slow world im a nice person in a cruel world... why is it like this xD
  10. Jaybarb

    Post Moonlord items

    You ever know that time where after fighting the lunatic cultist you have to prepare for moon lord? this is the thread for you :D anyway. on a world i have, i just fought the lunatic cultist. and it seems so bare and empty after fighting the cultist and before moon lord. anyway. so these are...
  11. Jaybarb


    hello, I'm making recolors of terraria items. thats the axe (plantera drop) recolored to look more jungly (is it a word xD) anyway. willing to do swords, tools, yo-yos, bows, possibly like a recolored campfire to be blue or whatever. armor is a maybe. characters are a no (not that good yet)...
  12. Jaybarb

    Antlion suggestion (any version with antlions)

    hello, im Jaybarb you can call me Jay if you'd like :D anyway I'm putting this for any game that has underground deserts. specifically the group of mobs called ant lions here is an image (not mine) of the underground desert. the ant lion chargers, swarmers and the ones on the surface. i have...
  13. Jaybarb

    PC snow biome tips?

    just did a very large run in the underground snow, got lots of really helpful loot. pre hard mode (not expert) and I'm wondering. whats the best thing from ice chests? i got some sword that shoots a projectile but has a bad reforge on it. and an ice boomerang with 20% increased damage and -15%...
  14. Jaybarb

    what is the ant lion wasp thingy area called?

    got so pretty sick loot (early game, soft core, expert) and giving my friend a tip but i need to know what its called. :p underground desert? ant lion nest? idk someone pls help
  15. Jaybarb

    Item Cannon

    Hey. I'm new as of yesterday : D but is there a way we can get like item cannons? like launching items. anyone found a way? i have 2 sky bases without wings about 30 or so blocks and i want to shoot items over just as something fun if not i could try to make one but anyone ever successfully...
  16. Jaybarb

    TCF Suggestion Shoutbox idea (forum idea suggestion)

    hello, Im Jay and I'm new here so i have no freaking clue what has been suggested before. but its a shout box suggestion (hope I'm not advertising) but i am on various forums under the same name. i used to play A LOT of minecraft thus joining forums with this cool feature. now you may be...
  17. Jaybarb

    Hi, im new

    Hi, im jaybarb and have just recently gotten into terraria. I've owned the game for about a year, but just got into it recently. i want to know how do i turn off email notifications? like when there is an alert or something will it send me an email? i have been on a forum site like this before...
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