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  1. Plaguerion

    Plaguedoctor Vanity

    During a recent stream of @Szaila, @Shadow_Mantis and I were listening to some plaguedoctor themed music, and we realised that the only mask resembling that of a plaguedoctor is not only unavailable through normal means, but also happens to melt your face off when you try to wear it.. the mask...
  2. Plaguerion

    Dive into the mind of a pizza addict.

    Hi, I'm lord plaguerion, AKA DoctorC, and this is Jacka- My Q&A thread. I generally approve of questions, including NSFW ones. however, I believe these are banned, i need to find out if there are exceptions if they're spoilered, so keep those to yourself for now i guess
  3. Plaguerion

    Introduction thing

    I guess i should be making one too, since everyone seems to. I am Lord Plaguerion, AKA Cabbage. (things happened with preregistration) and as you can see in this intro thread, i am a very interesting person
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