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  1. bonehead

    whats this item?

    ive seen in videos and such an accessory or something that makes all bullets home to what your shooting at whats it called? been looking for it alot lately cant find anything about it
  2. bonehead

    can you fight wall of flesh multiple times?

    can I fight wof in hardmode? im trying to get the avenger emblem. i just want to do it without making new worlds
  3. bonehead

    Mobile What should I bring to defeat the eye of Cthulhu?

    What I have so far: Lead headpiece “Demon” lead broadsword Copper bow with flaming arrows (344) A few lesser healing potions and normal ones Corruption chestplate (I forgot what the type of wood is called) Corruption boots Climbing claws I have cactus chestplate but I don’t really use it a lot...
  4. bonehead

    Mobile I can’t play multiplayer (iPad mini 4)

    For some reason when I host a server and give my friend the IP it says: connection timed out. Please help how to I fix this (He is also on mobile)
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