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    what happed to it? I only got pc Terraria a week after 1.3 came out but I always watch a person called Ampex on youtube he used a thing called gameiki. I was dissapionted to find out theres no gameiki for 1.3 sorry for the bad English

    A pillar block i have never seen before?!

    I only started playing terraria on the pc a week after 1.3, I finshed terraria console like 4 times so I had a good grip on the game but when I watch the 1.3 trailer I notice in the marble house with the tax collector the where pillar blocks I have never seen before I don't have screenshot of...

    How do you Collect your Chlorophyte?

    Hey,how do you get your Chlorophyte I get mine by using a spelunker potion and mining whats your way
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