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  1. Mushy Boi

    Audio indications of debuffs

    I have died countless times to not realizing I'm confused and jumping straight into a pit of powerful enemies My suggestion is to add sound effects that play when you get a debuff
  2. Mushy Boi

    Mobile Make an enemy overpowered

    Take any enemy, and add a change that makes it much more difficult to defeat (not stat changes) Example: Illuminant slime's after-images turn into more illuminant slimes
  3. Mushy Boi

    True Expert Mose

    You guessed it! It's a new difficulty mode. True Expert mode, other names are Master and Extreme mode.I realized while making this would be better as an item that activates the mode Compared to expert mode: Enemy HP, ATK, and DEF, coin and item drops are increased by 50% Increased enemy spawn...
  4. Mushy Boi

    Ninja event and NPC

    Ninja Ambush :kingslime: This would be an event that randomly happens at night, after a mechanical boss has been defeated Can be summoned with a Ninja Reinforcement Caller As for the enemies: Most ninjas would be slow and invisible until either within 10 tiles of the player or get attacked...
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