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  1. Mimp

    Terraria: Otherworld This is the End: Otherworld Development Cancelled

    I'm sure this hurts you guys way more than it hurts us fans. Thank you for making the hard call and doing right by us, it can't have been easy. I'm looking forward to seeing these new ideas in a future release, whatever it may be. Be well in this rough time, we love you all.
  2. Mimp

    Experimental Features - Texture Pack Support and World Seeds!

    Maybe time to start a new section on the forums for resources on texture pack creation, support, and a place to post packs in progress or that are completed? if so stuff like this needs sticky there...
  3. Mimp

    Experimental Features - Texture Pack Support and World Seeds!

    So glad you guys are giving these types of features a shot. I hope things go well and progress in this direction continues.
  4. Mimp

    Additional Changes to Water, With Community Feedback

    My son asked what about waves in the oceans? Are we going to get natural tidal flows moving towards the moon?
  5. Mimp

    Official The Path Ahead: Major News Updates for Console & Mobile

    Thanks for the update, but I noticed a distinct absence of any mention of where the Wii-U version falls in this plan...
  6. Mimp

    PC 1.3.2 Changelog

    Shining example of exactly what is wrong with human kind. I'll stop here because the choice words I have are not for polite company. Please go away and don't ever come back, you will not be missed.
  7. Mimp

    Ever considered adding the ability to label switches? Something like a sign, you hover over them...

    Ever considered adding the ability to label switches? Something like a sign, you hover over them and they can tell you what they do. I think such an improvement would help on multiplayer servers where the creator of a device can help people learn how to use it. For now I'm using shoutboxes but...
  8. Mimp

    Endless Rocket Canister

    As someone that hates expending resources in games, I also hate buying ammo. When I play ranged it's only because I no longer consume ammo/money to do so. This has excluded me from even giving rockets a chance. *shrug*
  9. Mimp

    Endless Rocket Canister

    I support this, sometimes I just want to fire rockets and not spend money to do so...
  10. Mimp

    PC 1.3.1 Elevator for items.

    Simple and elegant way to transport items upwards, very nice work. I love how you added the the actuation and direction of the conveyor belts to the same timer your farm uses, it's great to see efficient utilization of resources.
  11. Mimp

    PC Need some help with this construction.

    Yeah, I was dabbling a bit but the confined space makes it really hard to get anything going.
  12. Mimp

    PC Need some help with this construction.

    This. When you're using player above sensors you can confirm using other sensor input which direction the player came from, other methods will be missing this information. I'm about to log into my server, I'll take a look at it in game.
  13. Mimp

    PC Need some help with this construction.

    Have you considered using player above sensors? You might have more luck with them. I'm thinking if you put some close enough together they'd overlap each other and depending on the combination of sensors the player is activating you could probably use logic gates to control which hoiks were...
  14. Mimp

    PC [Showcase] Simple dungeon grinder

    "In front of" might have been a better choice of words. A mob can spawn on the normal layer in front of the background layer where your block has been moved. It is possible for it to overlap your blocks unlike some other background walls, (e.g.: housing background wall.)
  15. Mimp

    PC [Showcase] Simple dungeon grinder

    That was my original design. The problem was for my build I wanted to be quite far from the kill zone, (only because I was recycling another grinder I had in this space before and I'm lazy.) What would happen is the mobs would end up sneaking through from time to time, it annoyed me enough that...
  16. Mimp

    PC [Question] Spawn Location

    A lot of times I fill in the space in the yellow areas except for one side. If you leave a lot of vertical space above your desired spawn point you'll get more mobs spawning in that empty space where they'll fall onto your spawning surface. When all else fails I go back to this page for...
  17. Mimp

    WTB: clip proof blocks.

    WTB: clip proof blocks.
  18. Mimp

    PC [Showcase] Simple dungeon grinder

    So... I got bored an revisited my dungeon grinder. I had only found one sniper rifle in the dungeon and gave it away to a friend that is a more dedicated ranged player. Overall it's a simple but quite effective money and item grinder. I've made about 100 platinum off of it in the few hours it...
  19. Mimp

    new "true machine" spear battery

    You probably missed his edit with the GIF link.
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