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  1. ReusableLime20

    TCF Suggestion Text Color Change

    This is a very small suggestion, and it won't affect much. When a mod locks a thread the text shows up on a white box. However, the text denoting the mod who locked the thread shows up in very light yellow (at least on the crimson version). It kind of hurts my eyes to read, and would be a nice...
  2. ReusableLime20

    Gaming Quotes for me.

    Hey there TCF members! I'm looking for quotes for different things that happen while gaming. I have two already, and if I like yours enough, it will go in my signature. Here are some examples: Quote for when you get a revenge: Vengeance has been happened. Quote for when you steal a kill: Get...
  3. ReusableLime20

    WIP The Amalgam- A mechanical WoF

    Currently, this is what I have. Name:The Amalgam Damage:92 Health:45,000 Defense: 22 KB Resist:100% This will be a Mech version of the WoF. Drops: Expert Exclusive The Amalgam's Tooth. It increases attack and movement speed the lower your health gets. I realize this is very bare bones, so I...
  4. ReusableLime20

    Boss Trophies

    My Idea is that boss trophies act like banners, except with half the stats. No changes to sprites or anything else. Edit version 1: Just thought of this. Instead of just a random drop chance, they could drop similarly to mobs, e.g. every 20 kills or so. However, unlike banners, it wouldn't get...
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