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  1. Jppacs

    Angler achievement progress problem

    Any angler quest I do won’t count for the 200 quest achievement, I’ve played the game for years and it’s the last achievement I’m yet to complete, but I don’t seem to get any progress
  2. Jppacs

    Bestiary inconsistencies

    Me and my friend are completing the bestiary and found some things that are unnecessarily hard like having to kill 50 ancient visions and dragons from the lunatic cultist fight and other boss summons, like sharkrons from duke fishron, probes from destroyer and creepers from brain of cthulhu.
  3. Jppacs

    Phoenix blaster drop during king slime fight

    Was playing on a multiplayer server with friends, and we got a Phoenix blaster randomly from either the king or the blue slimes he spawned
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