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  1. acemon0

    Personal Armory, like void bag.

    It would be nice to have a personal Armory that opens up like the void bag. That has five quick change setups, so you can quickly change your armor, equippable items and the first four slots on your inventory bar. That way those of us that have over 5 characters can combine them into one. That...
  2. acemon0

    Auto summon slot.

    As playing a Summoner unlike the other classes, when you respond you have to set up a little longer which opens you to spawn kills. It would be nice if in the area we're the minecart, pets, light source and grappling hook is located there would be another spot that a Summoner could put his main...
  3. acemon0

    End game armor combination.

    It would be nice as the end game armor would have some of the abilities of the old one's army armor. I have done multiple playthroughs by myself and with others. I played through as every type as far as I can get them. I know that there are four main types that used to be 3. But the Summoner...
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