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  1. TheGamersStig

    A Little bit of annoyance

    Ever since the moon lord is impossible ! I tried everything ! specter armor and nebula armor but nothing ( mage btw ), I defeat the cultist and the four towers and the he shows up and kills me in 30 seconds. a little help ?
  2. TheGamersStig

    How many achievements have you completed ?

    For me, i completed 48 % already and still counting ! :happy: how much have you completed ?
  3. TheGamersStig

    New Artwork & other planets / realms ?

    The new artwork has 4 planets and 4 armors, each planet relates to an armor, does that mean you can 'visit' other realms in terraria 1.3, or i'm just overthinking ?
  4. TheGamersStig

    Things you feel are missing from terraria

    Is there anything you feel is missing from terraria ? , for me its plantera summoner. seriously; i have been looking for a bulb for like an hour .-_-
  5. TheGamersStig

    more accessory slots

    why? because you make so many great accessories and you cant use them all, & that's just lousy ( at least in my opinion ). i know this may sound overpowered , but come on; all these accessories go away for nothing.... that's just lousy..
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