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  1. Tecuser

    PC Expert mode playthrough

    I was playing on single player and found it boring pm me if you want to play
  2. Tecuser

    PC Anybody want to play?

    Does anybody want to play with on a medium world? Send me a friend request if so. Steam name: Tecuser15
  3. Tecuser

    PC Custom Controls

    This is just a thread about what controls do you use, for example I use q for quick heal r for grapple f for quick buff and e for inventory
  4. Tecuser

    Xbox One Wtb: 2 broken hero swords

    PM me if u r interested I will give up to 1 plat
  5. Tecuser

    PC Who wants to play

    I can play with someone but i cannot host. My steam name is tecuser15 friend request me if you want to play new chars
  6. Tecuser

    PickSaw or Shroomite digging claw

    This is just a poll to see if you like the picksaw or digging claw better I pers like the digging claw better
  7. Tecuser

    happy new year!

    This is just a thread to talk about what you did on new year's I personally watched the ball drop with my friends
  8. Tecuser

    How many apps/games do you get and never play with

    This is just a poll to see how many games/apps you have and never used I have 11. If you have none well good job. Any peroid of time and any app/game
  9. Tecuser

    What's your favorite type of brick that you build with

    The title says it all mine is Rainbow
  10. Tecuser

    Anti Gravity Core

    This is my first thread and I apol for not having the sprite if someone could make it I'd be thankful. The item I want in 1.3 is a Ant-Gravity Core So basically what it does is turns every player anti gravitized The radius would be for a small anti gravity core 5*5 and last for 20 seconds...
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