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  1. leafsaber47

    Girls' Fontline - the Girls' Frontline Font Pack for PC Terraria

    A little freebie from me since 3 days ago was an eventful day for Girls' Frontline players across the pond from East Asia. Supports both 1.4 for your Empress of Light fights and tModLoader 1.3! Pictorial examples from my usage of it: Google Drive link: Girls' Special thanks to...
  2. leafsaber47

    More NPC Names

    I've always wondered about the myriad of names NPCs have been given throughout the years since the 1.1 release. But when the Town Pets came along, I felt like something was missing... here is a catalog of suggestions for NPC names to add to each NPCs (including pets), if they are a reference to...
  3. leafsaber47

    tModLoader Terraria: Kryuger Collision - Terrarian Girls' Frontline Mod - Help Wanted

    "Two worlds collide as man, beast, and machine fight to the death. New mechanical threats await the citizens of Terraria as coalitions far greater than the Mechanical Bosses enter through ripples in time and space. The Arms Dealer and Mechanic however, found a way to combat this threat with...
  4. leafsaber47

    Favorite Weapon of Each Class

    So... you know your favorite class, how about your favorite weapons to use from each class (Melee, Magic, Ranged, Summoner)? Let's branch out and list what you like from them all. Melee: North Pole/Death Sickle Ranged: Daedalus Stormbow Magic: Water Bolt Summoner: Xeno Staff
  5. leafsaber47

    Mobile Girls' Frontline Thread

    A bunch of Terraria fans, including me, play this game. I've heard and seen multiple chats and messages about it, and there's no dedicated thread for those who like Terraria's ranged weapons and the ladies of Griffon & Kryuger. Time to fix that. To start things off, I somehow wanted IWS 2000...
  6. leafsaber47

    Tool Terraria Virtual Goblin Tinkerer - Reforge Simulator

    Two of my posted threads were mainly about modifiers and reforging, so why not a third one? Welcome to the Terraria Virtual Goblin Tinkerer, a small site I created as a distraction while all the work I have to do (art, vidyas, modding, RL) is pile up by tenfolds. What does it do? Enter in some...
  7. leafsaber47

    Reforge This Weapon!

    The Goblin Tinkerer's missing in action, so let's fill in for him! Use Terraria's modifier system to improve (or screw up) a weapon. The weapon being reforged doesn't have to come from Terraria, any weapon (fictional or real life) will do! (Please mention the origin of the weapon, if...
  8. leafsaber47

    tModLoader Dictionary of Prefixes - Reforging Expansion Mod

    First real attempt at a mod. Turns out starting small with mod creation is a better idea. Second attempt at this thread since my first draft disappeared. The following paragraph is not what I really remember the first time making this. Dictionary of Prefixes A small mod that uses 72...
  9. leafsaber47

    PC Modded Class PvP Player Searching

    Currently experimenting with a modded class PvP with mainly Calamity, Thorium, and Spirit. Usually my minimum requirement is 5 players (including host). Every month, I make a new Terraria map for PvP purposes and make classes like Pedguin's Class Wars. Usually server time is the weekends from...
  10. leafsaber47

    Hiring Mod Development Team

    Currently accepting applications for Vitiosus Mod, a heavily early-stage mod that needs development help. I've been curating the Vitiosus Mod for about two weeks and decided to address inactivity by sending this. More information about mod is in mod thread link. Available Positions: Concept...
  11. leafsaber47

    tModLoader Vitiosus Mod

    (we still need a proper logo!) Introduction The Vitiosus mod is a mod in the vein of several mods. Inspired by the works of Calamity, W1K’s mod, the JoostMod, Exxo Avalon and its predecessor, Necro, and Reborn mod, the mod provides players with solving a massive crisis that plagues the world...
  12. leafsaber47

    Need Help Deciding on Game Enhancements

    Had no idea where to put this thread in, because it addresses both mod and map player-made creations for Desktop Terraria, so I’ve placed this in a general talk forum instead. I have two Terraria ideas: a map series and a mod larger than Sacred Tools but smaller than Calamity. Mod: The mod in...
  13. leafsaber47

    Several modding questions

    First time making my own topic in this sub-forum. I have a rather small, but ambitious mod highly in progress. What I at least know is that the magic tomes already in the code function, but are rather buggy. This means that I feel like doing a one-man project isn't enough, so I need to take...
  14. leafsaber47

    PC A Terrarian has awoken!

    Hello! New to the Terraria scene. Recently moving away from playing... well, it should be obvious what game, I've heard of Terraria by a friend in RL, paid for the game during the summer sale, slapped a few mods onto it, and now I'm hooked. Thanks to tModLoader and this awesome game from...
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