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  1. Czar

    Pixel Art Dark's Forge

    Welcome to my shop. What can I do for ya? (Here you can custom order weapons to be crafted for your own personal needs.) Please note that these are NOT in Terraria style unless you want it that way. Rulios Describe yer weapon. Specify if you want it animated or not. Gimme the dimensions you...
  2. Czar


    One step closer to Carnival Night Zone, @Snickerbobble Sprites by @kciwdahC Right so this is a suggestion which im absolutely sure hasnt been done before (/sarcasm), but hear me out. These trampolines function a little differently from other suggestons, because these trampolines disregard...
  3. Czar

    Sprites of the Dark Variety

    Hello, welcome to my spriting thread, i dont suppose you could call them sprites, because i dont have access to a transparent background (im stuck with ms paint. for now.) but anyways, ask away. if you could provide some reference, that would be great. Current Requests none ;-; some examples...
  4. Czar

    PC The Monado

    (Thanks Derpo.) ---------------------------- This, is a special (complicated) weapon that utilizes Stats on an entirely different level. Lets start out with the basics. This sword has 5 arts. Speed, attack, knockback, beam, and size. You change these stats by left clicking. To balance this, you...
  5. Czar

    Describe the person above you in two words.

    I see this hasn't been posted yet, and this was one of my favorite games on TO. Just describe the person above in two words.
  6. Czar

    Casual Why did you come to the forums anyways?

    Just share why you wanted to come back to the forums here I honestly came because i got back in to terraria, and it just so happened red started working on it again! Yay! After that, i guess i just came here to make some friends.
  7. Czar

    Looking up. A simple change to make finding floating islands easier.

    Hi. Do you hate wasting your blocks to search for floating islands? Im here to fix this. This a simple suggestion that doesn't need a wall of text. What I'm proposing is that when you are above ground and there is a floating island above you, there would be a subtle animation of the player...
  8. Czar

    Oh yeah, forgot about mine

    Hey, most of you know me, or dont, whatever. Hi. That is all.
  9. Czar

    Holy Dragon's Bane [sprite] The "special" beam sword.

    The Holy Dragon's Bane is a sword that does 2x damage to dragons like Wyverns. That is all. Just kidding! While it does do 2x damage to enemies with Worm AI, there is something different about this sword. (thank you Derpo) Damage: 58 Beam: 0 (wut!) Use time: 23 (fast) Rarity: Purple Sell: 47...
  10. Czar

    Birthday Suprise

    (No, this isn't the really bad one from TO, i fixed it and changed the idea completely.) Birthdays, we all have them, unless you are a robot, why not give our little terrarian character one too? Now, this is a simple idea, on your birthday you get a cake, you eat the cake, you get 3 extra...
  11. Czar

    Choosing Character Classes at Character Creation

    I honestly dont like having to go around collecting things for my summoner character. This suggestion is just something i would like to have, so i dont have to be a warrior to get the other classes. Choosing a class would affect nothing other than starter items ------------------------ Now, when...
  12. Czar

    The Meaning of ISP Revived

    The power was too great, @Loki tried to seal it, but we must know the secrets... We will revive ISP, even if someone stole his name... Loki Intergalactic Sea Pickle
  13. Czar

    Asamarum (weapon)

    Are you sick of mining just to have a worm no scope you and have to go all the way back to the surface? Then this is the weapon for you! Hi Billy Mays here, and i'm here to show you the Asamuram! Instead of attacking overhand, this sword swings underhand! And it goes through blocks! No more worm...
  14. Czar

    Insert Bacon in Your Name

    Baconfry gave me the idea Ill start BaconDragonVG
  15. Czar

    PC Increased AI intelligence

    (Totally not transferred from TO...) This is a suggestion that i made to state some ideas of the intelligence Now, newer players wouldnt want hard AI as soon as they start, right? So, i have decided on this system Easy: absolutely no Smart AI Normal: smart AI will be in hardmode, after the...
  16. Czar

    The name of the standard terraria character

    I choose Bill for male and Hannah for female
  17. Czar

    New title ideas

    Ok i only have 2 but its been bugging me for a while Warrior 250 posts Mage 250 likes See, because some magic items are harder to get than warrior items Just like likes....sigh
  18. Czar

    Loyalty to The King (with a sprite)

    Thanks for the sprite sir cutswood Loyalty to The King (yes i know sprites should be transparent, but thats how this turned out when i saved it) Tooltip: only the knights loyal to their ruler can wield this blade... (------------------------------------------) Type: Sword Attack: 76 Knockback...
  19. Czar

    Dark's Art

    Welcome to my art thread where i will draw what you wish, (not saying it will be perfect though) I can: shade your current avatar or your new one, or hopefully draw you one Requests are: Open Current requests Darthmorf-WIP Previous art work ive done
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