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  1. SteelSt0rmMaster

    The Vision

    x1 or x5 x1 or x4 x10 crafts The Vision. The Vision gives increased night vision, and allows you to see Corrupt, Crimson, or Hallowed blocks highlighted like a Spelunker or Dangersense potion. Thanks for reading.
  2. SteelSt0rmMaster

    Look to your right, the first thing you see you have to fight Plantera with

    Self-explanatory. An empty mug! Yay...
  3. SteelSt0rmMaster

    Story Things Are Looking Crim

    welcome to my thread also known as yet another thread by me that will most likely die horribly and slowly hahaha About Things Are Looking Crim is a story inspired by PlotBin. The story goes that the Crimson is just a fairy tale which nobody believes in, until one day a new mining project...
  4. SteelSt0rmMaster

    Sprites Paintball Trap

    Hi! It's been quite a while since I've made a suggestion, so... ugh, I never know what to write here... uh... without further ado, the Paintball Trap! Now, with this suggestion, the following items... Wire x1 Any Paint x1 Stone x5 Wood x1 would create: Paintball Trap Block 1x1 Use Time...
  5. SteelSt0rmMaster

    Super Speed Fetid Baghnakhs vs. Plantera

    I was bored one day so I made a new character and world, cheated in some gear, and summoned Plantera. Most, if not all of this equipment is pre-Plantera. I show my loadout in the video, so feel free to try it yourself. If you liked the video and want to see future content (HA! Like that will...
  6. SteelSt0rmMaster

    Question about the Razer BlackWidow Tournament Edition Chroma

    I feel like since Razer Chroma is compatible with Terraria, I'd post this here too (originally on the Razer forums, but I want responses from Terrarians too) (oh wait its not yet thats 1.3.6 derp :confused:) Some questions I have about the BlackWidow Tournament Edition Chroma: Do you think...
  7. SteelSt0rmMaster

    What consoles do you own Terraria on?

    I was curious to see how many players own Terraria on different consoles, so I thought I'd make a poll :)
  8. SteelSt0rmMaster

    Show your cool world generation!

    Hey everyone! Have you encountered some world generation that looks funny, interesting, or just plain awesome? Share it here! Have fun!
  9. SteelSt0rmMaster

    Story The story of Gabriel the Gunner

    Hey everyone. Today I decided I would write a story about my adventures in Terraria while playing a guns-only playthrough. This will of course add my own writing, not just "i went to the corruption. i died. i got a shadow orb light pet." RULES: Only guns may be used. If I run out of ammo, drop...
  10. SteelSt0rmMaster

    Changing your character's look

    Hey everyone, here's my ideas on changing character looks. Hope you like it! Contact Lenses Changes your Eye Color when used. To change your eye color again, use another contact lens. All of them are crafted at a Table and Chair. Contact Lenses are consumable. Clear Contact Lens Sets your Eye...
  11. SteelSt0rmMaster

    PC Defeating Skeletron on Expert Mode

    Hey everyone, I'm having trouble with fighting Skeletron and need some help. Stats: 2 Players Player 1: Molten Armor Slime Hook Spectre Boots Shield of Cthulhu Band of Regeneration Cloud in a Bottle Yoyo Bag (I have no clue how it got there.) Adding up my defense gives me a grand total of 43...
  12. SteelSt0rmMaster

    Found Post-Hardmode items in a pre-hardmode world.

    Hey, so I was playing Terraria one day, and I was looking around my house, and accidentally opened my dresser. "Huh, apparently my dresser has storage. Let's see what we've got." And I found the Yoyo glove and Yoyo bag. According to the Terraria Wiki page for the Yoyo bag... it's a hardmode...
  13. SteelSt0rmMaster

    More Spikes

    Hi, this is an idea for more spikes. Currently, the only spikes in the game are Wooden ones, found in Jungle Temples, and normal ones, found in the dungeon. However, both only harm players, so you can't make home defenses out of them. Here are my spike ideas. First, the devs would remove the...
  14. SteelSt0rmMaster

    Slimy Items

    Hey everyone. You may have seen threads about some slimy gear before, but mine isn't just for summoners. Without further ado, the Slimy Items! :) :gslime: Slimy Jacket :gslime: The Slime Jacket is an item with a 5% drop chance from Green Slimes. Stats: -2 Defense -If you take at least 50...
  15. SteelSt0rmMaster

    Is this rare?

    Just what the title says. I want to know if this is rare. (no, it's not the Life Crystal. The traps to the left.) Thanks! :)
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