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  1. PwnZie

    Wavebank UPDATED (2021) Kingdom Hearts Custom Wavebank (1.4)

    Hello, it's me again! Last 2020, I made a custom wavebank consisting of Kingdom Hearts OSTs which you can find in this old post, so I decided to update it to make it compatible with the latest version. I decided not to change the otherworldly tracks (for now) since its reminiscent of the...
  2. PwnZie

    Wavebank Request: Kingdom Hearts wavebank

    Hi! Happened to bump on to this post, so I decided to make one! I hope you see this some time although it's been quite a while. https://forums.terraria.org/index.php?threads/kingdom-hearts-custom-wave-bank.93032/
  3. PwnZie

    Kingdom Hearts Custom Wave Bank!

    Made a custom wave bank consisting of Kingdom Hearts OSTs! (KH1, 2, 2.5, BBS) Hope you like it! (All otherworldy OSTs have been filled with a placeholder as of the moment, will update soon once I compile OSTs for them) Preview: Track List: 1. Overworld Night - Lazy Afternoons 2. Eerie -...
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