• Labor of Love: Our plan is to release the update on PC at 10 am EST on September 28th. We’ll push all other approved platforms live at that time, keep in mind, those systems are more complex, so actual time it arrives on your device could vary - you’ll want to keep an eye out!

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  1. Tallin

    WIP Buff Potion Tier List

    Buff Potion Tier List Buff Potions. They are vital for most things in Terraria. From boosting your chances to get a rare item, to possibly being the thing that helps you through the final boss fight, these potions are essential. However, they are expensive. most potions need an herb and a...
  2. Tallin

    Mobile Weird Visual Glitch

    So I was doing a quest fo the angler when I noticed that when a block is above water it just goes black if there isn’t a torch on the same y level. this isn’t very important but but I noticed it and I hope it gets fixed:)
  3. Tallin

    Eye contacts

    (Note this is a suggestion for a future update) So you all know you can change every thing about your character right? You can use the stylist to change your hair, dresser to change your clothes, gender change potion for gender, and for pc users they can go into the game files to change their...
  4. Tallin

    How to defeat the Martian Madness

    Armor: chloraphyte/ turtle armor Weapons: terra blade and the eye of Cthulhu yoyo Arena: a long flat space of ground with a box with 2 holes at the top sides Spawning: once you have the arena built head up to the space layer and go to the ocean. While you are there you should get a Martian...
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